Innovative Healthcare Startups from CES2021

This year we are bringing you the most interesting innovations from CES 2021 and we are kicking off with healthcare startups!

Every year CES offers an amazing opportunity to both large and established companies and smaller startups to showcase their ideas and products in front of a large audience. This year, despite the pandemic, CES is still happening but for the first – time – ever in a new virtual format.

In this article, we will share with you the startups working in healthcare that we found more interesting.

Quantum Operations

According to WHO, there are over 422 million people with diabetes around the world. Quantum Operations, a Japanese startup has created the first noninvasive glucose monitor that will eliminate the need of using daily a needle for most of them.

“Until now, sticking a need into your finger or arm has been the only available method for accurately measuring your glucose level. Our wristband will change that, making the painful daily routine unnecessary for all diabetic patients,” Said Quantum Operations CEO,  Kazuma Kato.

The company’s patented spectrum sensing technology enables the monitoring sensor to accurately measure glucose in a person’s bloodstream through the skin while being worn around their wrist. The same wristband and technology can be used to measure all types of vital signs, ranging from heart rate to electrocardiography (ECG).

In the picture: Quantum Operations smart wristband. Photo Credit: Quantum Operations.

Exos Armor

An estimated 2 to 3% of the world population suffers from scoliosis – That is 6 to 9 million people just in the USA.

The new brace created by the Italian startup Exos Armor, to help those suffering from scoliosis,  brings to the market the same effectiveness of traditional braces, but it combines them with innovation and technology.

Exos Armor braces are fully 3D printed, so they perfectly fit the users. They are also more comfortable and light compared to traditional braces.  they are made of sustainable materials and they are so much more comfortable than normal braces.

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Medexo Robotics is a startup from Hong Kong that is specialized in developing affordable assistive wearable healthcare/medical devices.

This year at CES they are showing their hand stabilizing glove ExoSteady for suppressing hand tremor symptoms and also a wearable walking assistive device for relieving the freezing of gait in patients with neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s.

They are also currently bringing their exoskeleton technology to the lower part of the body to help relieve the difficulties the elderly face in daily life such as standing up, climbing stairs, and balancing.

In the picture: Medexo smart glove. Photo Credit: Medexo.

CarePredict TouchPoint & Tempo

CarePredict is an AI-powered digital health platform for senior care. It features, among others, notifications of changes detected in a senior’s daily activity and behavior patterns; sensors identifying and automatically alerting the care circle when a senior may have had a fall event; remote monitoring: it detects heart rate and blood oxygenation levels, which can be accessed via the app TouchPoint has been named a CES 2021 Innovation Awards Honoree in the “Health & Wellness” category.

TouchPoint is a companion app to CarePredict’s Tempo, a smart wearable designed exclusively for seniors, that autonomously track subtle changes in a seniors’ daily activity and behavior patterns. In seniors, these early changes in everyday activities are known to precede conditions such as the increased risk for urinary tract infections, depression, malnutrition, mild cognitive impairment, and falls.

In the picture: CarePredict’s Tempo. Photo Credit: Care Predict.


iSyncWave™ is a portable EEG brain mapping device with LED photo-biomodulators. This device is designed for early detection and supportive care of neuropsychiatric disorders such as dementia, Parkinson’s disease, TBI, PTSD, ADHD, depression, etc…

iSyncWave™ will help neuropsychiatric patients to treat their illnesses at both clinics and homes. It will also allow having easier and regular checkups to prevent degenerative neurological disorders.

Did you like these healthcare startups? Check back tomorrow for more CES2021 news!

In the picture: A lab in a hospital. Photo Credit: Unsplash/CDC.

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