Antidepressants are a lifeline for millions of people across North America and the world. In fact, venlafaxine—one of the most prescribed antidepressants—features among the top five most-consumed drugs by Canadians 25–64 years of age. And as COVID-19 measures have taken

Oxford University, in collaboration with Global Accelerated Ventures (GAV) and the research commercialization arm of the university, Oxford University Innovation, are forming the Oxford GAV Conservation Venture Studio (OXGAV). OXGAV was designed with a very specific purpose: to vigorously help launch technological innovations that can

This article featuring Copernicus satellites' images, is the first of a monthly series about climate change. Every month we will collect and share with our readers some of the most interesting images that have been acquired by the satellites of Copernicus – the

Gender-inclusive participation in the sciences allows both men and women to fully benefit from advancements in science and technology. gender-inclusive The past year revealed both the interconnectedness of and the challenges facing the global community. As scientists rushed to create a

Uptake of low emissions agriculture research outputs by policymakers and other stakeholders requires time. Even when researchers are interested in pursuing the scaling and use of research outputs, most are not incentivized to take this on. Allocating targeted resources and

This year we are bringing you the most interesting innovations from CES 2021 and we are kicking off with healthcare startups! Every year CES offers an amazing opportunity to both large and established companies and smaller startups to showcase their ideas

What is geothermal energy and how important will it be in the clean energy transition? Engineers around the world are developing new methods of tapping into the Earth’s limitless underground supplies of heat and steam. What are the advantages and

Scientists have discovered large numbers of blue whales near the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia after years of exploitation, suggesting that decades of conservation efforts are paying off. The 21-day survey counted 55 animals, which was described by one cetacean specialist as

There is light at the end of the tunnel as the UK, armed with COVID-19 vaccines, embarks on its mission to vaccinate and immunize against the coronavirus. In early December the UK became the first country to approve administration of

Limiting communication, modifying findings, restricting funding and self-censorship for fear of punishment are some examples of science suppression. These dangerous yet prolific acts occur to the benefit of some but at the expense of everyone — especially the environment.  A recent

-- Updated on 06 November 2020. -- The magnitude of Arctic sea ice that the Earth has lost in recent decades cannot be recovered. This makes its implications all the more catastrophic - both for the biodiversity of life in these

Whether upgrading or cleaning out the junk drawer, millions of Americans dispose of old cell phones each year. Every cell phone neglectfully thrown into the trash represents both lost opportunities and a negative impact on the environment and sustainability of

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