Transcendentalist philosophers share the idea that humans and nature are equal forces of the earth that should be living in harmony. Such concepts have long been expressed in writings, from Ralph Waldo Emerson to Henry David Thoreau. In more recent

A nature-positive economy starts with farms as sanctuaries. And by sanctuaries, we mean refuges for animals, not only those threatened with extinction but also those we don't even see or want to see as useful. Take the lyrebird as an

A recent analysis by the Zoological Society of London found that over half of the 100 most significant tropical timber and pulp companies do not publicly commit to protecting biodiversity and only 44% have yet to publicly commit to zero deforestation. As of

The ocean economy, which contributes upwards of $1.5 trillion in value added to the global economy, was particularly hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, with a projected loss of $1.9 billion for international shipping carriers alone. Coastal communities were hardest hit,

Cities generate an estimated 75% of all global CO2 emissions and urban freight contributes up to 40% of these emissions. The industry's environmental impact is only set to increase further as global freight demand is estimated to triple between 2015

Investing in climate adaptation measures is an opportunity to demonstrate foresight, show leadership, protect our economy, and keep Canadians safe. You may have heard Justin Trudeau and other leaders use the phrase “build back better” to highlight the importance of not

The question of debt and sustainable development has already been tackled in the 1980s with the introduction of debt-for-nature swaps. Now these agreements are regaining popularity.  Wildfires in the Amazon, bushfires in Australia, floods in Indonesia, record-low levels of the Arctic

Urban Areas Can Lead the Way in Establishing a Framework to Reduce Food Waste. Five years ago, the UN General Assembly set optimistic goals for the world of tomorrow. Covering everything from access to education to gender equality, these Sustainable Development

David Attenborough graces our screens again in his most poignant documentary yet. Over the course of his 60-year career as a naturalist and beloved wildlife narrator, the landscape of the natural world has changed dramatically. Now, at 93, Attenborough is

The vice presidential debate took place on Wednesday night at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. Moderated by USA Today’s Susan Page, Senator Kamala Harris and current Vice President (VP) Mike Pence answered a series of questions that

The ETR finds that ecological threats in Syria have exacerbated existing social tensions and fragilities. Using IEP’s Positive Peace Index (PPI), the Ecological Threat Register (ETR) analyses the relationship between countries with high ecological threats and low levels of resilience to

How many gigabytes of data do you consume every month? In an era where accessing websites, downloading files and scrolling through social media feeds is second nature, we rarely consider how much data we are consuming, or its environmental cost. Researchers

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