Building resilience in fragile regions must be a priority, not an afterthought, in our efforts to reach global goals. Climate change impacts vulnerable communities hardest. We’ve known for a while that conflict and political instability—especially when coupled with extreme weather events

China’s troubles with the on-going coronavirus outbreak originate with its animal health policies and programs: They need to change and here is how. China is frightened and focused on the 2019 n-CoV virus, now called by the WHO “COVID-19” and by

Humans are the cause of global warming, we know that. Now we need concrete actions. We need investors to factor climate risks into their analyses and governments to quit subsidizing fossil fuels. In short, we need collective, collaborative action. And

With evidence continuously piling up throughout the year, temperature records were broken worldwide; the Greenland ice sheet was faced with unprecedented melting; and, as the end of 2019 approached, blazing temperatures resulted in detrimental wildfires in Australia. Now scientists have

With the level of knowledge that humans have amassed, there's no reason why we shouldn't be able to address this challenge BUT we're are complicated creatures

Dutch asset manager PGGM Adjusts for climate change impacts The Dutch asset manager PGGM is shifting its focus to the holdings most exposed to climate change in its investment portfolio. Such analyses will help PGGM improve aspects of future investments, such

As a result of their central position in lake food webs, zooplankton can strongly affect water quality, algal densities, fish production, and nutrient and contaminant cycling. Whenever I speak to the public as a researcher on water quality, I often hear

I could have. I could have taken the tests, joined a course, and earned a driver’s license. Both here, in the UK, and in my home country, Turkey. I decided not to when I turned 18, and nearly everyone thought

The climate crisis will hit the water cycle and resources the hardest. Many of the negative and most severe impacts of climate change are manifested through changes to the water cycle. Climate change will severely alter the quantity, quality and spatial

Agricultural enterprises are changemakers in rural communities; they have the ability to improve livelihoods, conserve the environment, and generate opportunities for women and young people. Yet to truly be a force for good, these enterprises must adopt sound business practices that

Do you ever think about the environmental impact of the food you eat? The recently concluded 5th Global Science Conference on Climate-Smart Agriculture was not a usual science conference. Besides participatory activities such as a networking competition and a quiz on the

Climate-smart options in agriculture can only be inclusive if they consider the gender-specific situations of farmers. Women farmers encounter a great deal of challenges that constrain their agricultural activities. Differing societal roles, unequal access to and control of resources, and women’s

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