Hundreds of wildfires have been raging across Australia for more than two months, destroying 7.4 million acres of land and hundreds of homes. While Australia typically experiences bushfires every year, this year’s fires began burning earlier in the season and

Gisela Hausmann, an active environmentalist and award-winning non-fiction author, sent Impakter her proposal to make Earth Day 2020 = No-Idling Day. A nonviolent protest to help cut back on fossil fuel use by shutting down for one day needless idling

Air pollution as a business opportunity, clean oxygen as the product. In the midst of the New Delhi air pollution crisis, a bar by the name of Oxy Pure has found a way to turn a profit. Customers pay 500

Half the world population cannot access health services but progress has been made in Low and Middle Income Countries: Kudos to them. In 2017 the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) adopted resolution A/72/l.27 establishing December 12th as Universal Health Coverage Day

For the nearly 850 million citizens who live in Chinese cities, physical and mental health issues are the lived reality as a result of the country’s rampant industrialisation. Environmental degradation is nearing a tipping point, but new urban greening measures

Despite the growing understanding that the urgency of biodiversity loss demands urgent global action, not enough has been done to reverse this trend. Global wildlife populations have declined on average by 60 percent in the past 40 years, largely due

“You’re 33? I could have sworn you were 18! Well, at least you’ll look good when you’re 40!” I bet you’ve either heard that before, or maybe you’ve said it to another fellow baby-faced individual like me either at a

If you look in my store cupboard, you will see a range of dried and canned goods. Some are basics like oats, tinned tomato, and baked beans.  Others are a bit more exotic, like Shirataki Noodles made from the starchy

The 73rd Independence Day celebrations this year in India’s capital city of Delhi were different from past years, as the city experienced one of the cleanest airs in the last eight years. According to the Air Quality Index (AQI) –

If you have spent any time at all on social media in the last week, you may have noticed celebrities and politicians using their platforms to bring global awareness to the fires in the Amazon rainforest. The smog from the

My mother, a single mother to five children, gave birth to me when she was in Form One in High School. She had to breastfeed me for three months before she could go back and complete school. Then, I was

The Trump administration’s antagonistic rhetoric and repressive policies have encroached upon women’s reproductive freedom. Attempts to enforce the ‘gag rule’ which bans state-funded family clinics from issuing abortion referrals serves as one example of how the current administration is attacking

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