It has been more than eight months since the novel coronavirus was confirmed in China and more than five months since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a global pandemic. Because of the fallout from the pandemic by the end

Adults living alone are no longer an exception. Many have opted never to marry or have married and are now separated or divorced; and among those who are considered “seniors”, many now live alone because of the loss of a

COVID-19 hit the hospitality industry hard and many governments around the world reacted with a variety of support measures.  The United Kingdom’s one-month “Eat Out to Help Out” program stands out as a roaring success, with 84,700 restaurants that have

The coronavirus has had unintended, harmful effects on art by threatening the place of art in our society. The question is: How harmful?  The pandemic-imposed quarantine has become a matter of deep concern for those who either manage or are personally

On July 27 the U.K. government unveiled a new £10m campaign to tackle what for decades has been dubbed the country’s “obesity crisis.” The reason for this decision being cited as Public Health England’s (PHE) recent claims that weight is,

Global food supply is at an all-time high, yet so is hunger. Why the contradiction? And how can we solve this challenge with policy? The world is far from being on track to achieve SDG2—zero hunger—by 2030. At present, 2 billion people face moderate

MAURITIUS — More than 1,000 tonnes of oil have devastated the island’s famed crystal blue lagoons and white-sand beaches. Mangrove forests have been damaged by currents carrying oil slicks. Volunteers are scrambling to control the spill and unclog the coastline,

The disposal of hazardous wastes is one of the most important measures to avoid further disease transmission, but in the current pandemic, disposal presents particular challenges. COVID waste management will depend largely on what we learned and used from the

COVID-19 created a healthcare workers crisis now, but worse is yet to come. The pandemic has placed extraordinary and inordinate demands on healthcare professionals of every stripe, including doctors, nurses, public health specialists, laboratory technicians, pharmacists, technical and clerical assistants,

Much has changed since 2001 when John Le Carré, author of the best selling The Constant Gardener, attacked the medical trials system in use at the time, but much has not, with those harmed by medical trial missteps going far

The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare the fragile economic, social and environmental underpinnings of our world today. Although we have access to advanced scientific and technological resources, as well as strategies for disaster preparedness, and despite repeated specific warnings about

Combined with climate change, pandemics threaten to slow down or reverse progress in gender equality, further threatening food, income, and nutrition security. COVID-19 is intensifying climate change impacts, adding extra pressure to food systems, livelihoods, and health. Women are especially affected by this added

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