Oral health is too often seen as a side issue in general hygiene and we forget that oral health is fundamental to the ability to breathe, eat, our ability to interact with others, attend school, or engage in productive work, 

Health illiteracy haunts the COVID-19 response in most of the Western democracies. Health illiteracy is defined as the inability to comprehend and use medical information that can affect access to and use of the health-care system. Conversely, health literacy refers

While bench scientists around the world continue to work on designing a safe and effective vaccine and therapeutics, drug manufacturing companies deal with the production aspects, and public health systems grapple with future distribution constraints, a different factor may await in

To control the COVID-19 pandemic, will a vaccine be enough? This article makes the case that more than a vaccine (or several vaccines) is needed and that bringing together the two major existing health systems that are now separate, one

The COVID-19 pandemic will interact with Positive Peace in complex and systemic ways. The pandemic and its subsequent economic crises are likely to radically change the way some countries operate. The long-term responses of countries to COVID-19 will be shaped by

Not much is known regarding the lasting impact of COVID-19 on the education and training of healthcare professionals operating in both human and veterinary medicine. What is certain as of now, is that it is a threat to the kind

The pandemic currently spreading across the globe is not slowing but accelerating. COVID-19 has become a factor for national and global security with few equals in modern history. If morbidity and mortality rates continue to rise along the present trajectory,

In these pandemic times, many people may ask why we should bother with antimicrobials when we know what the problem is and that they do not treat COVID-19? The answer is that a person with COVID-19 is simply more difficult

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the vital role of healthcare systems. Looking beyond the current crisis, health professionals will need to be better prepared to move into a new world order. What will be needed to make their education more

This may come as a surprise to most people: The numbers show that Africa has a COVID-19 plan to address the pandemic that (for now) is working. Consider the situation. First, let’s take a look at how Africa has fared in

A plunge in international trade during the pandemic has shown how some countries may benefit from already high levels of economic sovereignty. The pandemic has highlighted the advantages and disadvantages of relying on international trade versus fostering economic sovereignty. Economic sovereignty gauges

Getting the right pill or personal protective equipment (PPE) to the person who needs it the most, whether a health worker or a patient, depends on an unbroken chain of events and actions, each of which is greatly affected by political and policy decisions. During major

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