2021 begins with new international leadership in positions to make huge differences in the way the world deals with preventing, preparing, or responding to the next pandemic infectious disease outbreak. Two former World Bank Vice Presidents, neither medical doctors and

Our attention has been fixed on the COVID-19 pandemic as it ravishes our health and economies and destroys the fabric of societies. That our focus has been singular on COVID-19 has been right and proper, but we should not lose

Health research has been at the center of the world’s attention, and received billions of dollars: We’ve placed much of our hopes on vaccines and therapy to defeat COVID-19. Think of that as the “supply side” of the pandemic. On

In the U.S., you can watch Sacred Cow on iTunes, Vudu, Googleplay, Amazon, DirecTV, Dish Network and iNDEMAND. Diana Rodgers wants you to know that eating red meat is good for you and, when raised well, good for the environment. “Cattle have

Food is so much more than sustenance. It is a currency of culture, of exchange, of community, and of care. Food has always been my language of love, and one of the ways in which I’ve explored and connected with

When Impakter first asked me to write a piece on special education, race, and the COVID-19 pandemic, I knew what the focus would be: that students of color are more likely to be disabled and poor, putting them at a

Freedom Is The Power To Choose Our Own Chains. — Jean-Jacques Rousseau. When nationwide protests — grounded upon civil liberties — had erupted in the UK following a renewed national lockdown on Jan. 5, 2021, the debate of security or freedom had

Recent announcements of the availability of COVID vaccines have uncovered both the "me-first" nature of humans and countries and at the same time our better angels. For the human side of selfishness, there is much to be told, but one such

From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, media reports noted that women leaders appeared to be handling the emerging public health crisis better than their male counterparts. In June 2020, a study carried out by University of Reading and University

Beyond the primary tasks of providing swift and effective health care delivery during the COVID crisis, nation-states must next turn their attention and policy expertise to an analysis of the ways in which their economic policies and prescriptions have failed

Like a light for religious communities, the challenge to America came from a young, inspired poet at Biden’s Inauguration: “If only we’re brave enough to be it”. And we were all reminded of what is at stake: America’s return to

COVID-19 is neither the first nor the last of major epidemics and pandemics. The impact of this infectious outbreak has led to huge ratcheting up of research and funding for therapeutics and vaccines to get a handle on this coronavirus.

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