The increasing frequency of cyclones is threatening the local coconut industry of Odisha, India. Their solution: the dwarf coconut tree. Hybrid coconut cultivation as a climate resilient practice in Odisha to serve as a safety net mechanism for farmers India is one

There’s a lot of talk about biodiversity these days. It has become a buzzword in the corporate boardrooms of the food industry. As the co-founder of a small company, Yolélé, with biodiversity at its heart, I think a lot about

Small-scale irrigation is giving the youth, especially those previously neglected in rural settings, a fighting chance to secure livelihoods and become smallholder farmers. Small-scale irrigation is creating employment opportunities for young people across rural Ethiopia. In the highly populated highlands of Ethiopia, where

About two-thirds of the 600 million people living in extreme poverty around the world live in rural areas, and the COVID-19 crisis is exacerbating every challenge they face. Rural communities often lack access to proper infrastructure, health care, markets, education

From flood victims to frontline responders: One women-owned cooperative steps up in rural China When the COVID-19 pandemic first struck China, Qiaotou village was already struggling. Set in the Liupan mountain area of Qinghai province, the village had more than 25

While you sip your morning brew, consider this: By 2050, the area suitable for most coffee production is expected to decline by around 50%. The culprit? Climate change. The climate crisis. Your daily dose of coffee depends on specific climate conditions,

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