You may find this a bold statement, but truth is that most CEOs, entrepreneurs or directors have realised capitalism is no longer the way. Problem is, they don’t know where to start. It can be scary to not have a

The circular economy is a promising way to promote a positive future, and overcome the current linear production system, based on constant extraction of raw materials, exacerbated consumption, and disposal of goods. As a result of this system, we face

Article co-written by Brendon Anthony and Geoff Bishop By 2050 there is going to be an estimated nine billion people on the planet. Industrial Agriculture Is Not the Solution to Feeding the Planet This statistic is constantly stated in respect to the growing

This article is part of an editorial collaboration with Earth.Org. The Earth.Org Series can be found here. The original publication can be found here. The greatest conservation success story in the 21st century is the exponential growth of protected areas–a primary defense mechanism

Worldwide Trends Point to a Brighter Future for Renewable Infrastructure and SDG Financing As the CEO of Bertelsmann Stiftung recently pointed out, “the clock is ticking on the SDGs.” But the same clock is also ticking on global warming. As climate

I recently participated in several European events dedicated to the circular economy including the World Circular Economy Forum in Helsinki earlier this month. At these events I heard many assumptions, judgments, and even praise of contemporary consumers. As population numbers

Since 2015, the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have served as a framework for a holistic approach to development that recognizes the need to incorporate non-economic measures of growth and human wellbeing. The SDG guidelines are a bold

During the twentieth century, as a continuation of the industrial revolution, the capacity to produce and consume increased. As a result, what is known as the linear economy was imposed. In the linear economy model a product or service is

Transcending differences in geography, language, culture and politics, four cities from the U.S., three from Germany, one from Poland and three urban districts from China have worked together for the past two years to tackle common challenges such as environmental

Right now there are hundreds of thousands of industrial facilities, all over the world, manufacturing the food in our pantries, the drinks in our refrigerators, the textiles in our closets, and the medicine in our cabinets. Each of these facilities

The first time I spoke at the United Nations Geneva about safeguarding Autistic Girls, it was November 2014, before the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals . I had just received my Autism diagnosis and was there to speak with other

This article was originally published by Development Alternatives Blog Series — Alternative Perspectives. The original article can be found here. A popular TED talk by the founder and promoter of the Social Progress Index, describes the potential for achieving the very ambitious and

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