2019 was a “tipping point” for child and youth activism within the United Nations and beyond…in 2020 it’s our turn to act for and with them, and in solidarity across generations, especially in the face of global crises like the

Intrinsic, defined as belonging naturally; essential, inherent and ineradicable. In the context of my work as the head of IFAW, we have a guiding principle: Individual animals possess intrinsic value. In other words, all wildlife has value — whether a "monetary"

COVID-19, deadly as it is for all of us, has multifaceted security dimensions and grave implications for those caught in the midst of conflicts, postconflict or humanitarian crises. In particular, the pandemic may disrupt humanitarian aid flows, limit peace operations,

There is a high level and increasing amount of carbon in the atmosphere, and this is a key driver for the negative impacts of climate change as the greenhouse effect around the planet intensifies. The increased amount of carbon dioxide

With the COVID-19 crisis highlighting the crucial importance of a balanced relation with nature and interdependence of human, animal and environmental health, Cristina Eghenter, Deputy Director, Social Development, WWF-Indonesia, argues that learning from Indigenous Peoples is the best way to

How a renewed focus on SDG 16 can help fight COVID-19 and salvage the Global Goals. At the start of 2020, before the coronavirus pandemic crashed over us all, Agenda 2030, our global commitment to sustainable development that could "leave no

SERIES TITLE: Pipe dream or achievable vision: How can we deliver on the 2030 Agenda? The 2030 Agenda foresees a bright future for humanity, one in which everyone enjoys peace and prosperity on a bountiful planet. But, with nationalism, populism and

Food packaging waste is one of the most pervasive, yet unavoidable, forms of waste. MIWA has created a reusable food packaging and dispensing products with a data-driven processing system. We have reached to MIWA’s founder and CEO, Petr Baca, to

The Sustainable Development Goals need to include One Health​. And here is why.  First, let’s take a step back and consider how the SDGs emerged, with their adoption by the UN General Assembly in 2015. They represented a herculean effort by

COVID-19 has hit hard, fast, and everywhere. It is, above all, a public health crisis, but other linked crises are emerging, and none is more urgent than the pending hunger crisis. A global stimulus package is needed to protect the

In these days of isolation, worry, illnesses, and death, a lot of people are hopeful that the COVID-19 pandemic will teach us how to do things better. That it will be not a return to the past but a gateway

“Why did you choose to come to Antarctica?” my fellow passengers asked shortly after we exchanged names. So many answers quickly surfaced in my mind: the wildlife; the icebergs; the history of exploration. But above all, I decided to travel

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