The costs of a rapidly changing climate, particularly rising temperatures, fall hardest on already marginalized people. The heat challenges they face include dangerously hot buildings.  Building design and quality have a dramatic impact on people’s daily lives. People with less money

Like with many other areas of life and work, the Global Solutions Initiative Summit 2020 was unable to escape the impacts of COVID-19. Rather than cancel the Summit entirely, the organizers and sponsors worked to make it an entirely online

How many gigabytes of data do you consume every month? In an era where accessing websites, downloading files and scrolling through social media feeds is second nature, we rarely consider how much data we are consuming, or its environmental cost. Researchers

Whether upgrading or cleaning out the junk drawer, millions of Americans dispose of old cell phones each year. Every cell phone neglectfully thrown into the trash represents both lost opportunities and a negative impact on the environment and sustainability of

Low-carbon innovation is an important tool in our bid to reach the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 – not only because one of those goals focuses on access to energy, but because climate projects deliver a huge range of

Re-assessing agroecology's role in sustainable agriculture. Integrating agroecology and climate-smart agriculture in CCAFS activities. The CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) is committed to tackling humankind's greatest challenges in the 21st century: food security, adaptation to

Study shows how the Crop Loss Assessment Monitor - a decision support system - could help improve loss assessment and make crop insurance more efficient. Farming has often been quoted as one of the noblest professions, shouldering the responsibility of feeding

Nearly one-fifth of the entire U.S. GDP is spent on healthcare each year. With rising labor costs, shifts in population demographics, and the sudden disruption of business due to the current coronavirus pandemic, it is very likely healthcare margins steadily

Editor's Note: This article was shared with us by One Acre Fund. One Acre Fund provides farm inputs, finance, and training to over 1.1 million families in six African countries per year, and reaches 1 million more families through partnerships. Big

In recent months, live theatre has transitioned from stage to screen and the result is a new kind of theatrical experience. Instead of a curtain, a black screen keeps me in waiting. The show will begin in a few minutes, it

How consumers' creativity has been unleashed and has impacted all kinds of business during the great lockdown of COVID-19. The Great Lockdown- such an unprecedented event that happened just as we started moving forward with our 2020 goals. There has been

Consider the rubbish we churn out, the frightening scale of our global self-indulgence. We see it mostly through social media: the viral image of trash islands floating in the ocean or dolphins caught in plastic mesh circulate Instagram, Facebook, and

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