Almond is a platform allowing individuals and businesses to understand, reduce, and offset their carbon footprint While thanks to the effort of several individuals and organizations, the majority of the world's population is aware and concerned about climate change, only a

Greening the economy is not a slogan, it is a matter for all of us, and a vital one that can make a huge difference, not only to save the planet but, more practically, to make more money. This article

Inauthentic accounts are fake accounts and bots spreading disinformation on social media, especially Twitter. Bot Sentinel is a tool created to find them. We reached out to Christopher Bouzy, Founder and CEO of Bot Sentinel to learn more about how his

Asset sharing is a rising solution to waste created by businesses. But, how does it work? FLOOW2, located in The Netherlands, has the answer. I spoke to FLOOW2’s Laury Zwart to learn more about this revolutionary business to business solution. A

As the world struggles to contain the spread of coronavirus, the climate crisis still threatens us all. That’s why we need a green recovery from the pandemic – one that delivers better lives today, alongside progress towards a low-carbon future.

As the world tries to figure out how to subdue Covid-19, and as much of the global airline fleet sits idle, aviation’s CO2 emissions may not be top of mind. Eventually, however, we will want and need to fly again.

How does the future of energy production look? What are alternative methods of producing energy other than fossil fuels? In this article, we look at four companies working on sustainable energy solutions. To begin with, let's start by looking at SDGs:

Impakter had the opportunity to speak with Jo Bhakdi, founder and CEO of Quantgene. The company aims to transform the medical paradigm by creating a new system of premium preventative care, powered by advanced technology.  Over the past decade or so,

On Impakter we often mention sustainable investment, but instead of investing in projects, some organizations, like Lambda School, invest in people.  Lambda School does so by using a different payment structure. Their model is simple: students pay nothing until they earn

What are some effective ways to reduce water consumption? In this article, we look at 5 simple ways to do just that. We are living in the middle of a water crisis. Many people around the world do not have access

The number of COVID-19 cases in African countries has been steadily increasing, as has been the trend worldwide. In March 2020, the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention issued Guidance on Community Social Distancing During COVID-19 Outbreak. Recommending African Union

Newly popular tech can help us build impact coalitions, post-quarantine. In the first flush of lockdown due to the novel coronavirus pandemic the digital executions were breathtaking. It was a brave new world of Zooming, and families and old friends who

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