Envelio is an innovative software for energy grids. It has been developed to help better integrate renewable energy sources, and new request for energy supply into the energy grid. It is a very interesting project, started in Germany, but that could

Allowing people to access the energy grid could be crucial for Africa's development. Unfortunately, due to its vast extension in some areas of the continent being connected to the grid is either very complicated or quite expensive. For the most

Agriculture needs to be developed in a better way in Africa: there are farmers and there is land available; if developed in the right way, agriculture is the way to fight hunger in the continent as well as a huge

ASX is a startup aviation company based in Michigan developing a new Vertical Take-Off and Landing Vehicle -VTOL. ASX's VTOL is innovative as it is designed to be a zero emissions vehicle and to considerably reduce the noise compared to

Quicargo, the startup company that helps to connect businesses to trucks with empty space in real-time matching, was born when the founder Avishai Trabelsi was managing his family transport company in Israel. They were struggling with very low margins due to

The world has made great strides in reducing poverty, death, and disease. Leaders from 193 countries have signed on to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), an agenda of 17 benchmarks for progress through 2030, three of which are directly tied

What is The Role of Europe in the AI Race? Let’s be clear, Artificial Intelligence, in particular in its latest development, deep learning that mimics the way the human mind works, first emerged in America. This gave the U.S. a huge

With the amount of plastic pollution in our waters increasing every year, it becomes crucial to find solutions that would help to reduce it as soon as possible: plastics pollution is not only dangerous for all the marine life but

The drastic scarcity of world resources forces us to rethink the usefulness of consumption-based models. Circular economy provides one answer as more people offer their goods for rent. In addition, sharing services allow us to tackle global challenges including climate

What should a city do if half of its population cannot access a public service? It sounds like a somewhat outlandish question, but for Bogotá, the capital city of Colombia, this question highlights a frustrating reality. Although the city has

Air pollution is a well-known problem that leads to a drastic reduction in the quality of life. It doesn't only cause chronic diseases: according to a recent UN report, air pollution is the cause of between six and seven million

For the last few years, the subject of autonomous vehicles has dominated headlines and has been the principal focus of the tech community. Significant progress has been made in the field over a short period of time. Major car-makers are

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