Few would disagree that we need a more sustainable world, where climate change is finally under control and the degradation of the environment is stopped. But as consumers, we feel helpless, caught in the vortex of endless consumerism. As investors,

TikTok has been growing at an almost unprecedented rate over the past 3 years. Its revenue increased by 129% between 2018 and 2019, as total downloads of the app increased to 2billion. The app is free to download and to

How are the biggest companies in the world working to reduce their carbon footprint? Apple has announced a target of becoming carbon neutral across its entire business and manufacturing supply chain by 2030. The new commitment means that by 2030, every Apple

This article is by Antti Vihavainen, Co-Founder of Puro.earth a Finnish Startup helping companies reach carbon net-zero by making CO2 removals verified, comparable, and tradable. The last year has seen a flurry of corporates announcing Net Zero targets, as pressure to

It’s an oft-cited fact that more than 600 million people in Africa are without electricity. Lesser known, perhaps, is that the African continent has more than enough renewable energy resources to meet people’s needs via wind, solar, geothermal, and more.

WeTransfer, the company that makes tools to move ideas, recently announced it has become a Certified B Corporation, marking WeTransfer among the few global technology organizations to earn the prestigious designation indicating high environmental, social, and legal standards.  We asked Gordon

Jared Moore, Ph.D. is the founder of Thermal Hydrogen Industries, Inc which is the parent company to startup automaker TH₂ Motors. Thermal Hydrogen Industries, Inc is also parent to other subsidiaries, which form an emissions-free hydrocarbon economy. TH₂ Motors plans to

Many of the world’s 80 million refugees and displaced people have little or no access to energy. Without energy, their lives are colder, darker, and more isolated. Sustainable energy helps refugees and displaced people work towards a better future –

Alternative light sources are necessary for creating sustainable cityscapes. But how exactly do they work? And how can we normalize natural light into our communities? We spoke with Sandra Rey, Founder, and CEO of Glowee, to learn about bioluminescence, sustainable

Almond is a platform allowing individuals and businesses to understand, reduce, and offset their carbon footprint While thanks to the effort of several individuals and organizations, the majority of the world's population is aware and concerned about climate change, only a

Greening the economy is not a slogan, it is a matter for all of us, and a vital one that can make a huge difference, not only to save the planet but, more practically, to make more money. This article

Inauthentic accounts are fake accounts and bots spreading disinformation on social media, especially Twitter. Bot Sentinel is a tool created to find them. We reached out to Christopher Bouzy, Founder and CEO of Bot Sentinel to learn more about how his

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