COVID-19, deadly as it is for all of us, has multifaceted security dimensions and grave implications for those caught in the midst of conflicts, postconflict or humanitarian crises. In particular, the pandemic may disrupt humanitarian aid flows, limit peace operations,

It has been weeks since we closed the Root Capital offices and switched to remote work across the globe. First and foremost, I’m grateful to report the good health of our team and clients and wish the same for you

In our COVID-19 afflicted times, what sort of society we want to live in and how we use technology to secure it have become crucial questions, putting our social contract at risk. The danger arises when we overstep the mark

This has been a tumultuous period for the World Health Organization (WHO). The first four months of 2020 have been perhaps the most difficult, disruptive period in its over 70 years of existence. It is fair to wonder where it

At first glance, the COVID-19 crisis appears to have nothing to do with the climate emergency. Over the last month, COVID-19 has eclipsed climate change and many other global challenges as the most pressing issue we face worldwide. Between learning

To avoid societal collapses and their many potential ripple effects on world security, we must act now to flatten the food insecurity curve. COVID-19: the domino effect The COVID-19 pandemic is already affecting the world on an unprecedented scale. Yet, the unfolding

Since 2015, when the world signed onto the 2030 Agenda and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the United Nations has been invested in a supportive role in achieving the SDGs by 2030. It does this by (1) collecting data,

The two agendas of climate change adaptation and peacebuilding are rarely coordinated—it's time for this to change. For Somalia, last year’s drought was its worst in nearly a decade. Wells dried up, crops failed, and thousands were displaced from their land. For nomadic herders,

Rural women in Honduras are learning to address climate change with the use of agro-climatic information for better-informed decisions about their crops. Find out how LTACs empower women to achieve sustainable development - another of the proven ways to build

The average woman around the world spends significantly more time than the average man doing unpaid domestic labor. As a result of gender disparity, women farmers are up to 50% less likely than men to adopt research-proven good agricultural practices. It’s 3

Updated 20 April 2020. Trump's war on the World Health Organization has just taken a new twist. News has emerged that the Trump administration received full information in real-time from Americans working at WHO, undercutting Trump's accusations that the WHO

Fresh vegetables are key to better nutrition and health around the world. Teaching farmers the best way to grow vegetables is essential. This article explores how Ugandan farmers develop best practices through experimentation, innovation, and exchange of local knowledge. Growing vegetables

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