Climate-smart options in agriculture can only be inclusive if they consider the gender-specific situations of farmers. Women farmers encounter a great deal of challenges that constrain their agricultural activities. Differing societal roles, unequal access to and control of resources, and women’s

How a platform that cooperative employees can use to upload data directly from the field to the cloud helps to overcome the impacts of climate change and the lack of educational opportunities in rural areas. The town of Lonya Grande sits

The 2010s are coming to a close. Reviewing the decade, what can we say about the future? A tech person will look at technological progress (stunning). A sociologist will look at cultural diversity (explosive). My take (disclosure: I’m an economist)

UN Decade of Family Farming (2019-2028): How can the Decade benefit from the policy guidance produced by the Committee on World Food Security? The answer to that question matters: The UN Decade of Family Farming (UNDFF) launched in May 2019 will

Multistakeholder partnerships (MSPs) have recently gained prominence as part of a new approach to food security and nutrition governance. Several MSPs were invited by the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) in October 2019 to share their experience on how

Adapting to climate change requires stumping. But it's anything but simple for coffee farmers. They face physical, knowledge and economic barriers. This article explores the challenges they need to address. Article in collaboration with: Root Capital invests in the growth of

How Gender Equity Grants empower women and foster the productivity of farming cooperatives. What is happening in a Root Capital project in Peru shows how far women coffee farmers can go. Article in collaboration with: Root Capital invests in the growth

Measuring and managing impact to achieve the greatest eco-responsible and sustainable "bang for the buck". Note: This article is the first in a four-part series exploring how Root Capital measures its impact and that of their clients in farming communities

A highlight in COP 25 meetings held in Madrid this week was a side event that pointed to the key role cities of all sizes, including smaller municipalities, can play in the fight against climate change. Gathered in the Forum

For years, Dora Lisa Carrión Gómez rose early every morning to open Saja, a café in the quiet Andean town of San Ignacio in northern Peru. Saja is owned and operated by members of the women’s group of APROCASSI, a coffee

As the climate continues to heat up at alarming rates, we’re becoming more aware of how our festive excesses are harming the planet, especially that season staple – the Christmas tree. By the time the season is over, millions of

Today we are looking at Bodossaki Foundation who is a key fund operator of grants and CSR programs in Greece. The foundation is a leading private philanthropic foundation in Greece, founded through the legacy of the successful industrialist Prodromos –

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