Relations are not yet broken between Europe and Hungary and Poland, the leaders of the rebellious Visegrad group that also includes the Czech Republic and Slovakia. For now. The latest dispute centers around Next Generation Eu (Next), the 750 billion

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has earned over the years persistent bad press for its work to assist in a highly controversial area, family planning. Maligned and misunderstood, its activities have been summarily equated to the promotion of birth

US Senate votes to move forward with trillion-dollar infrastructure package, but complications with "human infrastructure" could derail Biden’s agenda. On July 28, the US Senate voted to proceed on a nearly $1 trillion infrastructure plan, announcing in a rare moment of

“It doesn’t matter if global or national leaders talk love or make war, it is people who starve.”  paraphrased from an African proverb about elephants trampling the grass when they fight. With only half of 2021 behind us, we have already experienced

More than 400 million young people, between the age of 15 and 29, live in fragile and conflict-affected contexts across the globe. This means that more than 400 million young people experience violence, face exploitation, miss out on education, and

Environment ministers from the G20 member states assembled on July 22 for two days of talks, attempting to lay a foundation for negotiations on climate policy ahead of the crucial COP26 United Nations conference in November. Whilst presenting a facade

This is the summer of Italy on the World Stage--And recognition of One Health as a global concern: What happens in the Fall when the G20 meets? Will the G20 follow up on the recognition given to One Health by

The fight against climate change in European politics often seems like two steps forward and one step back; despite the unveiling of ambitious EU climate proposals last week, or landmark steps in the right direction such as the return of

After months of activism from consumers and plant-based companies, the EU has withdrawn Amendment 171. The amendment would have stopped plant-based dairy from using phrases like 'creamy' on their labels. If passed, the bill would have required hundreds of plant-based

European Union policymakers on Wednesday, July 14, unveiled an ambitious plan to tackle climate change, laying out a roadmap to turn Europe’s bold emissions goals into concrete commitments and legislative action. The ‘Fit for 55’ plan aims to cut carbon emissions

As Afghanistan spirals into chaos and is increasingly overtaken by the Taliban, it has become the one country where conflict, pandemic, and misogyny merge with exceptional force. A perfect storm as COVID-19 rates are soaring with only about 1.6% of

We live in times of near-universal connectivity. As a result, almost every major public health issue of global concern has followed the well-worn path of widespread expert endorsement based on the best available evidence + a high-powered advocacy spokesperson, all

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