On the 6th of May, the High Election Council of Turkey decided to cancel the mayoral elections in Istanbul a month after they were held, claiming that they have been rigged. This meant that Ekrem Imamoglu, the newly elected mayor

Once again, Facebook is shaking the world. After multiple privacy violations, with a potential $5bn fine from the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) which opened an investigation in response to the Cambridge Analytica revelations, now Facebook has come up with 

Former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi passed away last Monday after collapsing during a court hearing where he was being tried on espionage charges. Morsi, a former official in the Muslim Brotherhood, was reported by state sources to have spoken to

Abraham and George are auto mechanics with large shops in a southeastern city of Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria. A visit to their shops presents a picture of cars everywhere with many “boys” working on them. Even frequent customers find it

We live in an era where climate change will increase the number and severity of natural disasters — impacting more communities. Drought, wildfires, extreme heat events, and hurricanes will continue to afflict communities. This increase will occur not only in traditional

Instead of boiling the frog over the remaining 20 years, China has decided to set the kitchen on fire. And instead of obeying the Chinese intrusion, Hong Kong is standing up for itself and saying “No”. The Sino-British Joint Declaration between

Worldwide Trends Point to a Brighter Future for Renewable Infrastructure and SDG Financing As the CEO of Bertelsmann Stiftung recently pointed out, “the clock is ticking on the SDGs.” But the same clock is also ticking on global warming. As climate

Updated 10 June. Two political developments threaten Europe: A no-deal Brexit that would certainly hurt the British economy but would also be painful on the continent, and an out-of-control deficit in Italy. Taken separately, Europe could handle the issues. But

This article was originally published by Development Alternatives Blog Series — Alternative Perspectives. The original article can be found here. A popular TED talk by the founder and promoter of the Social Progress Index, describes the potential for achieving the very ambitious and

The 2019 European Parliament elections mark a real watershed for Europe. We are in new territory. European politics will never be the same again. Where there was at best indifference to the dream of a United States of Europe, there

President Trump based the core of his campaign on rebalancing and reordering the relationship of the United States with the rest of the world. Today the global markets are feeling the pressure of the US/China Trade war, and watchfully waiting

Early European elections results showed a victory for Eurosceptic populists across Europe but the victory was not as large as predicted. Ecology was as big an issue as immigration, perhaps bigger, and the Greens scored big in Germany, France and

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