2021 begins with new international leadership in positions to make huge differences in the way the world deals with preventing, preparing, or responding to the next pandemic infectious disease outbreak. Two former World Bank Vice Presidents, neither medical doctors and

With the 2020 presidential election, we, the people, succeeded in enacting our political will. This article is about the nitty-gritty of participatory democracy, how we, ordinary citizens, kept our feet on the ground and our eyes on the prize in

Most Americans are familiar with the past Administration’s Family Separation Policy. What gets lost in the flurry of Trump Administration misbehavior is the fact that child separation may be in a special category of its own.  Not only is it likely

The year 2020 was dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts, along with various moments of friction between major economic powers on a host of policy issues. However, despite these challenges, we saw governments show their ability to come

A brief look at the current political events in Myanmar. What happened in Myanmar? Myanmar’s military, the Tatmadaw, has taken control of the country for one year, announced a state of emergency, and arrested elected government officials from the National League for

Sept. 9, 2020, the over-crowded Moria Camp was destroyed by a fire, leaving 13,000 migrants without shelter. The European Commission, already under attack for the failure of their migration policies, sped up the already waited upon “New Pact on Migration

Health research has been at the center of the world’s attention, and received billions of dollars: We’ve placed much of our hopes on vaccines and therapy to defeat COVID-19. Think of that as the “supply side” of the pandemic. On

Updated 11 Feb 2021. Capitalism as we know it is morphing into an “awful kind of techno feudalism” that only deserves to die, says Yanis Varoufakis. A radical statement but coming from the former finance minister of Greece who famously

From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, media reports noted that women leaders appeared to be handling the emerging public health crisis better than their male counterparts. In June 2020, a study carried out by University of Reading and University

Beyond the primary tasks of providing swift and effective health care delivery during the COVID crisis, nation-states must next turn their attention and policy expertise to an analysis of the ways in which their economic policies and prescriptions have failed

Stuck at home because of Covid-induced lockdowns, we all love to shop on Amazon. We love to order online and get our favorite products without having to brave Covid-infested shops. We might also hear negative stories about Amazon mistreating its

At last weeks presidential inauguration, Vice President Kamala Harris took the oath of office and made history yet again in her professional career, however, this defining moment is different because it represents the rejection of the deification of the American

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