Current debate around the climate crisis tends to focus on the weather-related effects, such as rising sea-levels, flooding and droughts, as well as the direct impact on human lives, like famines, forced migration and geopolitical shifts. Less has been said

Iran protests’ death toll rises Since Nov. 15, Iran has been facing severe protests that erupted following the 300% increase in fuel prices, and later on becoming a bigger scale outcry against the current regime under Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. The

Solid documentation and verified facts are key tools for human rights defenders. Human rights violations happens daily, all over the world, and there is always someone who knows something. The challenge is documenting those violations, placing responsibility, telling the story

"The strong do what they can, the weak suffer what they must." The words of Athenian philosopher Thucydides become more and more relevant in today's world, as authoritarian governments use brutality and excessive violence on those fighting for freedom. Police brutality reaches

The conversation that took place on July, 25, 2019, between Volodymyr Zelensky and Donald Trump, has resulted in a push by the House Democrats to impeach Trump. This is how a thirty-minute phone call could lead to a pivotal moment

In recent decades women’s political representation has significantly increased in Africa. From 2000 to 2018, the proportion of women parliamentarians almost doubled, and women’s representation in cabinet increased fivefold to 22% between 1980 and 2015.  Unfortunately, the numbers do not

A Reflection of Colombia President’s address at the UN Climate Action Summit Climate Crisis in South America: Real Action or Just Talk? What a President’s Speech at the UN really tells us about Commitment. This article is part of an editorial

Given the economic and financial crisis that Lebanon was enduring, the uprising was unsurprising. Prior to October 17th, small businesses and companies were locking their doors in Lebanon. Unemployment was rising, forcing thousands of fresh graduates to work in cheap

Protests Escalate For almost two weeks now since the 18th of October, the Lebanese government has been facing a series of protests both in Lebanon and around the globe that arose following certain taxes the government was aiming to introduce including

As time progresses, increasing economic inequality and social immobility are evident in the emergence of poverty as one of the consequences of market liberalization policies and structural adjustment programs that were implemented in the 1990s. This new reality has spurred

Protests in Latin America are now occurring in places where nobody expected them, like democratic Chile, a country relatively well-off compared to many of its neighbors - protests coming on the heels of a recent wave of riots in Bolivia

Indonesian President Joko Widodo was sworn in for his second and final five-year term on Sunday, October 20, in a ceremony far more modest than his first inauguration in 2014. In his speech, Joko Widodo elaborated a vision for Indonesia’s future

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