The climate emergency makes the comparison between humans and dinosaurs inescapable: Both face extinction from a climate crisis. But with a difference. The dinosaurs didn’t bring it on themselves. An asteroid hitting Earth and a giant volcano did it for

With Canada’s federal elections approaching later this month, the Canada election scene is picking up. The first French election debate held on Quebec's main television chanel saw a face-off between the leaders of four of the nation’s political parties. The

Editor’s Note: The opinions expressed here by columnists are their own, not those of Operation Peace Spring  Article by Mina Tumay-Derin Kocer Donald Trump announced a week ago that the US will be leaving northern Syria, withdrawing its troops and not

Scorched-earth. Scorched-families. Life provides hard times for each of us, but they come little by little, as if giving us time to recover. For Rufina Amaya, however, life threw its difficulties mercilessly at her, all in just a few hours. On

Since its emergence, Hezbollah has been on the rise. Enduring Lebanon’s chaos, it gradually adapted to the country’s consociational democracy and became more embedded in the system. Bolstered by Iran, and Syria to some extent, Hezbollah is now a regional

The language of diplomacy is shifting with the problems of our day. International actors are applying different methods of communicating, negotiating, and problem solving. Due to the growing impact of global warming in every corner of the world over the

Against fast-changing geopolitics, with the global centre of gravity shifting away from the Trans-Atlantic, the term ‘Indo Pacific’ has entered the policy dictionary as the term capturing the amalgamation of the Indian and Pacific Oceans into a larger interconnected space

109 killed in Iraq Almost a week after the start last Tuesday, the anti-government protests in Iraq have taken a violent turn with 109 people killed and over 6,000 wounded so far. The demonstrations, mostly by young men in the Shia

Venezuela’s political, economic, and social issues have caused one of the biggest crises in the history of Latin America. Years of corruption, economic mismanagement, and consolidation of power have resulted in the decline of one of the wealthiest countries in

The green journey starts with the Canadian federal election just around the corner on October 21st, the subject of Climate Change is being addressed from all sides of the political spectrum. This debate has got people thinking, not only about

Before Prime minister Scott Morrison participated in the Pacific Islands Forum in the mid-August, it seemed likely to succeed among the Pacific countries. Morrison unveiled an US$337 million funding package for the Pacific region, in a move to curb climate

The Youth, Peace and Security (YPS) space grew significantly over the past decade thanks to efforts from every corner of the globe and a series of collective actions, both big and small, from diverse groups and individuals. Critical to this

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