Limiting communication, modifying findings, restricting funding and self-censorship for fear of punishment are some examples of science suppression. These dangerous yet prolific acts occur to the benefit of some but at the expense of everyone — especially the environment.  A recent

The 2020 Global Terrorism Index (GTI) shows that the total number of deaths from terrorism declined for the fifth consecutive year, from 33,438 people killed in 2014 to 13,826 in 2019. The GTI, an annual report published today by the

The shared challenge of climate change can open a window of opportunity to facilitate peacebuilding, as demonstrated by the Turkana and the Dodoth, an exemplary case of cross-border collaboration. To understand what happened it helps to look at the environment in

While bench scientists around the world continue to work on designing a safe and effective vaccine and therapeutics, drug manufacturing companies deal with the production aspects, and public health systems grapple with future distribution constraints, a different factor may await in

Joe Biden’s victory in the U.S. presidential election offers new hope in the fight against climate change, both within U.S. borders and around the globe. During his first speech as president-elect, Biden committed to restore the United States’ standing in

While a recent amendment on fossil fuel investments is a promising sign that a modernized Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) could spur more ambitious climate action, governments must consider alternative paths toward this goal. On Wednesday 7 October, EU parliamentarians finalized their negotiating mandate

It happened today, 16 November. Hungary and Poland have managed to block Europe's €750 billion Recovery Fund. Europeans rarely agree on anything and now the Visegrad group of East European countries led by Hungary and Poland is threatening Europe’s path to

The last time there was a major climate treaty, the United States stood on the sidelines. This time, stakes may be higher, but the energy transition (and global cooperation at large) will continue. “When America sneezes, the world catches a cold.” The

The first time a police officer was placed inside a public school in The States was during the 1950's in Flint, Michigan. In this role, this officer - like many others at the time - was actively surveilling Black and

On Nov. 6, it was reported that Hong Kong’s ‘Informers' Hotline’ received over 1,000 reports within hours of police launching the initiative on social media. Day two saw numbers soar beyond 2,500. The ‘National Security Department Reporting Hotline’ has been established

Over the course of the last 50 years, identity politics has steadily started to take centre stage in mainstream political discourse. Individuals are relating to each other, not through geographical location, but through the lived experiences that their socio-political condition

Biden’s victory, as welcome as it is, means very different things for America and for the world. Here I will try to look beyond the coming eleven weeks of recriminations, accusations and lawsuits that Trump appears set to unleash. I

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