The European Commission has committed to protecting 30% of the lands and oceans in the EU by 2030 as part of the European Green Deal to boost biodiversity. Environment groups have urged that such far-reaching ambitions be enforced stringently so

Part of the difficulty of advocating linguistic rights as the facilitator of other human rights, like the freedom of socio-economic choices, lies in the fact that a language-based community cannot be free of complexity due to religion, gender, cultural and

President Trump has announced his decision to withdraw the United States from the World Health Organization (WHO) and threatens to do so with the World Trade Organization (WTO). If the U.S. also pulls out of WTO, it could affect preferential trade rules

COVID-19, deadly as it is for all of us, has multifaceted security dimensions and grave implications for those caught in the midst of conflicts, postconflict or humanitarian crises. In particular, the pandemic may disrupt humanitarian aid flows, limit peace operations,

Two different health-related American "rebellions" signal far-reaching consequences which will make it much harder to "put Humpty-Dumpty back together again” unless actions are taken soon. One is global, the other domestic, and we shall look at them more closely in turn. The first is

In our COVID-19 afflicted times, what sort of society we want to live in and how we use technology to secure it have become crucial questions, putting our social contract at risk. The danger arises when we overstep the mark

Book Reviews: The End of October by Lawrence Wright, published April 28, 2020, by Knopf (400 pages) ; The Cover Up by Oscar Sparrow, published September 19, 2019, by Gallo Romano Media (107 pages, free on coronavirus lockdown) These pandemic

This has been a tumultuous period for the World Health Organization (WHO). The first four months of 2020 have been perhaps the most difficult, disruptive period in its over 70 years of existence. It is fair to wonder where it

Globalization is no longer limited to questions of economic, financial, and trade policy but has become an existential issue affecting all areas of social and political life. New global threats like international terrorism, the financial and refugee crises, climate change,

Considering recent events and much of the world under quarantine, we could all do with some more light in these dark times. Thankfully, positive news is not difficult to come by. Below, you can find a combination of stories to

What do courage and the future of public transportation have in common? Well, the coronavirus public health crisis has had a radical impact on our daily lives. It has come as an unexpected shock, but many believe it could become

We are in the midst of a crisis that threatens our lives, our jobs, and our prosperity. In the corridors of power and their administrations, the current upheaval will turn the tables, with new priorities for the European Union and

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