In the midst of a changing Middle East, the challenges facing the Druze minority in the Levant have become more worrisome. As the region disintegrates further into chaos, it’s becoming a bitter place for minorities. The Druze, emerging during the

When voters sluggishly trudge to the polls on October 21, 2019, for the Canadian federal election, many will have the knee-jerk reaction to vote for the old instituted parties that have been around since confederation, under various monikers; the liberals

There is a popular saying in Africa that “manufacturing is only for the brave.” Recently, such sayings have been extended to those brave enough to invest in Africa and attempt to increase Africa’s share of global trade (3% currently). Lack

Russia’s resurgent presence and strengthened role in the Balkan region has been the focus of increased attention and renewed interest in recent years.  Highly catchy press titles such as “The Western Balkans are a testing ground in a new Cold

2019 is on track to be the hottest year ever recorded. Heatwaves in Europe saw the mercury peak past 45℃ this summer, while major fires ravaged the United States, Russia, and Canada. In Australia droughts and severe weather events worsened.

The challenges that migrants face today are well-known. Millions of people are fleeing from conflict or searching for a better life. Truly, the migration crisis is a common topic in negotiation and conversation between countries and in international organizations. Global

Was the climate crisis able to take center stage in the Democratic presidential debates? Simple answer: no. It had more of a poorly spot-lit role in the stage wings. We still have no serious climate debate in American politics, not

Today, social media plays a huge role in the field of information communication. An astonishingly large number of people depend on social media platforms for their news and views. This, however, means that misinformation has a greater chance of spreading,

In September 2018, the United States decided to suspend $300 million in aid assistance to Pakistan in light of what the U.S. saw as the country’s failure to combat terrorist groups. This decision was based on the claim that the

From paintings and centuries-old legends to a brief punchline in a modern cartoon series, stereotypes and prejudices on Jewish culture and Judaism have been very strong, with most of them surrounding money or the supposed Jewish craving for it. A few

Liberal democracies all around the world have entered a complicated era as citizens begin to lose confidence in their governments. This phenomenon has put the maintenance of the democratic model itself at risk. The individualist and egalitarian mindsets are no

There is a twilight zone lived in by family members of the disappeared. Daily life, joys and frustrations happen against an internal backdrop that is difficult to share. Gulruy Asqar writes movingly about this in Missing: Loved ones in East

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