“Hope in the City” tells the story of Vikram and his daughter Anita who are just heading home from the movies when a tornado – a weather phenomena they have never seen before – comes out of nowhere. The devastation left

Updated: 8th August 2020 TikTok has been growing at an almost unprecedented rate over the past 3 years. Its revenue increased by 129% between 2018 and 2019, as total downloads of the app increased to 2billion. The app is free to

After the terrorist attacks in the USA on 11 September 2001, the George W Bush administration declared a ‘War on Terror’, and with that the establishment of Guantanamo Bay: a place for the US authorities to hold people perceived to

The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare the fragile economic, social and environmental underpinnings of our world today. Although we have access to advanced scientific and technological resources, as well as strategies for disaster preparedness, and despite repeated specific warnings about

Whilst the #DontExecute social media campaign has primarily been a show of Iranians’ strong solidarity as they unify in protest against the recent death penalty sentences of three demonstrators from the November protests, it has also been an opportunity to

The COVID-19 and Peace report by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) presents a detailed look on the economic ramifications of Covid-19. According to the report, the US GDP fell 1.2% from the prior year in the first quarter

The most recent craziness began with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the son of the murdered presidential aspirant, and the actor Robert De Niro, both of whom held a press conference three years ago. The duo offered $100,000 to anyone who

Updated July 24, 2020 The EU's 27 reached a historic agreement on the COVID-19 Recovery Fund, an unrepeatable occasion to point towards a more sustainable future. The deal reached at the European Council on 21 July is an agreement that represents

Or How Not to Manage the Pandemic Crisis  Since abruptly lifting lockdown restrictions in early May, the Serbian government held the election, authorized an international tennis tournament as well as a football cup final with up to 25,000 spectators, and opened

The pandemic will shift patterns of violence throughout the globe. While there has been a decline in some types of crime, battle deaths and riots due to lock-down measures, other areas such as domestic violence, self-harm and suicide are likely to

Two independent but intertwined strategies have had incredible success in keeping a small country’s people in far better shape in coping with COVID-19 than its huge neighbors and many rich countries. I am speaking of the tiny Himalayan Kingdom of

Humanity is experiencing one of modern memory's most serious crises in 2020. The devastating loss of life and the immense financial disruption triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic will alter societies and economies forever. The Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP)

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