To say that I have been trudging through a complicated head and heart space lately is a vast understatement. After reading about the murder of Montgomery, Alabama police detective Tanisha Pughsley, in the Montgomery Advertiser, I was met by familiar

Editor's Note: This article is by Leila Yim Surratt the Director of Strategy and Engagement at P4G. P4G is a global initiative that accelerates pioneering market-based partnerships to unlock investment opportunities that can advance progress on the Sustainable Development Goals. Progress

While Covid-19 delivers a painful economic downturn, these are the latest trends in global economics, politics, social dynamics, conflict and development. Economics Three biggest US banks set aside $28bn in downturn warning. The projected 11% unemployment rate for the end of the year, hits

U.S unilateral sanctions have been widely criticised for their wide-reaching and detrimental effects on the people that they often claim to benefit – and no time more so than now. Studies show that they have been largely ineffective in achieving

The UDHR or Universal Declaration of Human rights (UDHR) had the trigger for its codification in the aftermath of the Second World War, as a way for states all over the world to collectively avoid such atrocities and for suffering

COVID-19 created a healthcare workers crisis now, but worse is yet to come. The pandemic has placed extraordinary and inordinate demands on healthcare professionals of every stripe, including doctors, nurses, public health specialists, laboratory technicians, pharmacists, technical and clerical assistants,

Environmental, social, and governance-minded, or ESG, investing has never been so profitable and it's becoming a trend. It is not anymore only for those "generous and wealthy" but it is becoming a viable option for many other people. ESG is a

“Hope in the City” tells the story of Vikram and his daughter Anita who are just heading home from the movies when a tornado – a weather phenomena they have never seen before – comes out of nowhere. The devastation left

For more than 30 years, since the UN’s 1988 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the world has attempted policy solutions to combat climate change, mostly failing. Almost a decade after the IPCC was created, the Kyoto Protocol was signed as a

Is it time to think less ‘just-in-time’ and more ‘just-in-case’? In a recent public seminar – held online due to social distancing and lockdowns – IEP suggested the COVID-19 crisis appeared to be ‘exogenous.’ That is, it did not originate from

On June 30 2020, The Rainforest Alliance announced their new Sustainability Certification Program with goals to produce better crops, decrease costs, adapt to climate change, and improve farmers’ productivity and livelihood. Nowadays, increasing numbers of customers expect that the products they

Few would disagree that we need a more sustainable world, where climate change is finally under control and the degradation of the environment is stopped. But as consumers, we feel helpless, caught in the vortex of endless consumerism. As investors,

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