There’s no denying that good mental health today is one of the most important qualities to any individual. After all, how can you go out and seize the day if you cannot muster the energy to get out of bed?

Envelio is an innovative software for energy grids. It has been developed to help better integrate renewable energy sources, and new request for energy supply into the energy grid. It is a very interesting project, started in Germany, but that could

When the Forest Forces project started in rural Zimbabwe in 2013, there was a lot of anticipation. 60,000 vulnerable households, across four provinces, were getting five years to improve their lives and create sustainable livelihoods. Forest Forces was jointly funded

This article is part of an editorial collaboration with Impakter Italia.  Authored by Eduardo Lubrano, it was first published in Italian on our sister publication on 22 April. Now that he has won the elections with a popular mandate of over

For a multitude of reasons, I contend that science fiction is more progressively impactful than any other genre. For my article here, I want to focus on a couple of key theories for why science fiction is such a progressive

Would you be willing to give up a corporate job to pursue your dreams and create a revolutionary product? This is exactly what Annabel Biggar-David did to create her very own project: Oco Life. Oco Life is a South African brand

When Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi was ousted by a blitzkrieg in 2011, three European countries played a key role, the UK, France and Italy. With America “leading from behind”, a polite way to say that America provided only military support

Allowing people to access the energy grid could be crucial for Africa's development. Unfortunately, due to its vast extension in some areas of the continent being connected to the grid is either very complicated or quite expensive. For the most

Agriculture needs to be developed in a better way in Africa: there are farmers and there is land available; if developed in the right way, agriculture is the way to fight hunger in the continent as well as a huge

ASX is a startup aviation company based in Michigan developing a new Vertical Take-Off and Landing Vehicle -VTOL. ASX's VTOL is innovative as it is designed to be a zero emissions vehicle and to considerably reduce the noise compared to

What lines can we not afford to cross when it comes to our impact on the planet? As the world races to achieve the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, it is vital that the pursuit of sustainable

Twenty-eight million children have been driven from their homes by violence and conflict within and across borders since 2016. Children make up about a third of the global population but about half of all refugees. In 2015 the number of

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