Thelma Kaliu is a young feminist and an active member of the Young Feminist Network of Malawi. She is currently the Project Coordinator of the Spotlight Initiative project under Plan International, Malawi. In 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic, Thelma attended the

Countries from all over the world are pledging new and ambitious climate change plans. It’s been an eventful week for climate change policy watchers. Not only did US President Biden relaunch US leadership on the issue with the Climate Change Summit,

As BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) women across the U.S. continue to observe Equal Pay Day in the coming months, its recognition remains different from any other since its founding in 1996. The world continues to deal with a

In celebration of World Water Day, let's take a look at the importance of water-smart innovations in water management and conservation, and agricultural production. Every 22nd of March, the United Nations (UN) celebrates World Water Day. This year, the theme of the celebration is

According to the Race Report, published recently by the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities, the British system is no longer “deliberately rigged against ethnic minorities.” Arguably, British education is the “most emphatic success story of the British ethnic minority

Vegan Diet and Kids Nutrition in childhood plays a crucial role in the quality of health in the long run later in life. Is a vegan diet safe for children? This question might raise concern for young parents as we all

Women in agriculture are vital in fighting climate change and achieving food security; yet they face a number of barriers. Women are the backbone of the agricultural sector, composing 43% of the labor force globally and up to 80% in certain

Companies globally are moving quickly to bring to market meat products that are grown from animal cells in a lab, also known as “clean”, “cultivated” or “cultured” meats. In Singapore, on 2nd December 2020 lab-grown meat was approved for sale

While emerging technology brings potential to revolutionize our food system; there are trade-offs that need to be acknowledged and addressed. New study finds emerging technologies for agriculture, however optimistic, all have some potential negative trade-offs. But we have methods, the science,

Today, March 11, 2021, kickstarts the 2021 Forward Thinkers Webinar Series hosted by the World Future Council. Each of the five individual webinars will take place on a Thursday around one of the following international UN days: International Women’s Day,

Agriculture makes up 25% of global female employment and even more in low and middle income countries. In Central America, empowering this workforce is furthering sustainability within agriculture and aiding climate change adaptation. As women make up the majority of the

Most Americans are familiar with the past Administration’s Family Separation Policy. What gets lost in the flurry of Trump Administration misbehavior is the fact that child separation may be in a special category of its own.  Not only is it likely

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