Everyone is talking about trees. In January, the World Economic Forum founded the Trillion Trees initiative (1t.org), an effort to protect and grow enough trees to fight climate change and build healthy rural landscapes and economies. Around the same time, major

Since the Industrial Revolution, humans have emitted more than 2,000 gigatons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. (A gigaton is one billion metric tons.) Here are six effective options for carbon removal researched by the World Resources Institute. This thickening blanket

The tropics lost 11.9 million hectares of tree cover in 2019, according to data from the University of Maryland, released today on Global Forest Watch. Nearly a third of that loss, 3.8 million hectares, occurred within tropical primary rainforests, areas of mature

Empowerment, a word that is both full of promises and threatening. Yet empowering young minds to realize their potential is an essential component of individual wellbeing. It is also essential for the wellbeing of societies, according to the Global Solutions Recoupling

IMPAKTER IS PARTNERING WITH HUNDREDS OF NEWSROOMS IN THE CLIMATE COVERAGE INITIATIVE  Today, 1 June, we are celebrating the day Impakter was founded six years ago and we are pleased to announce that we have joined the Climate Coverage Initiative, a

COVID-19, deadly as it is for all of us, has multifaceted security dimensions and grave implications for those caught in the midst of conflicts, postconflict or humanitarian crises. In particular, the pandemic may disrupt humanitarian aid flows, limit peace operations,

Not only can musicians touch our hearts and make us dance, they can also use their melodies to launch a rebellion. That is exactly what London-based singer, guitarist, and songwriter ALBA is doing. Her latest single “Mass Extinction” was released

Impakter presents Oscar Sparrow's contribution, a British poet's viral view of the COVID-19 pandemic, that "damn pesky virus, that wasp at the global picnic": As the Duchess Megs and her beau, the cool Duke H, lifted off into the skies above

My name is Justin Victor. I focus on what is a global issue today: Spreading germs.  I am a student council member from Design for Change USA. When I started this project called "Suds for Society" with my friends, we were

Napoleon Pichay was born in Singapore on June 5, 2008. He is a natural-born leader and a great model for his peers. He is currently the Prefect Level Leader in Yumin Primary School, Singapore. He is humble, friendly and loves making

Harriet Lamb is the CEO of Ashden, an organization promoting sustainable energy and supporting initiatives against climate change. In this chat with Impakter, we will find out more about her career, her thoughts about sustainable development and most important about

My name is Jaafar Wahbeh and I am eleven years old. I am from Jordan. I deeply believe that a human's value isn’t what you have but what you give and I also believe that as children "We Can", therefore "We

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