Agriculture makes up 25% of global female employment and even more in low and middle income countries. In Central America, empowering this workforce is furthering sustainability within agriculture and aiding climate change adaptation. As women make up the majority of the

Most Americans are familiar with the past Administration’s Family Separation Policy. What gets lost in the flurry of Trump Administration misbehavior is the fact that child separation may be in a special category of its own.  Not only is it likely

Gender-inclusive participation in the sciences allows both men and women to fully benefit from advancements in science and technology. gender-inclusive The past year revealed both the interconnectedness of and the challenges facing the global community. As scientists rushed to create a

The Sustainable Commodities Marketplace Series research helps fill the knowledge gaps around global sustainable consumption and production for eight commodities—bananas, cocoa, coffee, cotton, palm oil, soybeans, sugar, and tea—uncovering important trends and information to support action on improving environmental and social

When Impakter first asked me to write a piece on special education, race, and the COVID-19 pandemic, I knew what the focus would be: that students of color are more likely to be disabled and poor, putting them at a

A new course for professionals that work in agricultural development in the Dry Corridor of Guatemala aims to scale climate change adaptation approaches and practices. Guatemala is one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change and variability in Latin America. In the region

New research shows that the Nutrient Expert Decision Tool is better for farmers' fields, extension services and the environment. An international team of scientists, led by the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT), has demonstrated how better nutrient management using

  From farm production to processing operations, storage, transport, retailing and human consumption, there is strong evidence that there will be impacts of climate change throughout the livestock food supply chain. Climate change is a major concern for current livestock systems worldwide.

When Mere Access to Education Is Not Enough The Commonwealth Education Trust (CET) recently announced the digitalization of their Teach2030 program, which trains teachers with the goal of improving the quality of education in low and medium income countries that suffer

“Challenging” “Sobering” “Unprecedented” Words fail to adequately describe 2020. The staggering toll of the pandemic defines this year, but so do examples of hope, unity, and innovation. And not all of those stories made headline news. In the remote communities where Root Capital

  Dear Students, This isn’t how you imagined starting your first year of higher education—online, and unsure about future internships and job prospects. You’re coming of age at a time when our society still defines success in the shallowest of terms: the

Equity is a fundamental component of climate change and nutrition research, says new paper co-authored by CCAFS scientists. The climate crisis is generating a nutrition and health crisis and widening inequalities. With COP26 now postponed to November 2021, this is an

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