COVID-19 continues to sweep across the world, and has now spread from the developed world to the global South. With rural populations making up three-quarters of the world’s poor, the impact of the pandemic will inevitably be most devastating in developing

Gender research supports more equitable outcomes during and post-crisis, while helping to build more resilient systems. While scientists and climate activists have sounded the alarm for decades, calling attention to the impending impacts of climate change, it has proven to be

In this article, we shall see how two women coming from different parts of the world met together and founded The Pursuit – Global Women for Change, thus starting on their way to becoming potential global leaders. After meeting each other

Lake Louise is the CEO and founder of  Lotus Moon and Plain Jane Beauty, a skincare and makeup brand focused on green business practices and inclusivity — “In 2010, we were the only green beauty brand creating foundations for dark

As women face unprecedented upheavals, the development community has an opportunity to not only meet immediate needs, but to support a more innovative, equitable future. While agriculture is the primary source of income and food security for billions of people globally,

Gun violence and Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) are undeniably linked. Offenders who have access to firearms are five times more likely to kill their victims (Everytown) with a disproportionate number of these victims being Black women. According to a report

In a venture capital space where the norm is too often to just invest in what is seen as safe and has been tried and tested, there has emerged a bias against women and people of color-led companies, as they

I was raised to be strong! I am the eldest of my parents' two daughters but my father is the third of seven sons. I am logical, shrewd, and focused on problem-solving, partly because my father taught us to look

To say that I have been trudging through a complicated head and heart space lately is a vast understatement. After reading about the murder of Montgomery, Alabama police detective Tanisha Pughsley, in the Montgomery Advertiser, I was met by familiar

Whilst some enterprises are on the edge of closing during COVID-19, others have been able to adapt and manage. But what sets them apart? It all comes down to optimism. In the US and Britain, governments have opened programmes to provide

COVID-19, deadly as it is for all of us, has multifaceted security dimensions and grave implications for those caught in the midst of conflicts, postconflict or humanitarian crises. In particular, the pandemic may disrupt humanitarian aid flows, limit peace operations,

Not only can musicians touch our hearts and make us dance, they can also use their melodies to launch a rebellion. That is exactly what London-based singer, guitarist, and songwriter ALBA is doing. Her latest single “Mass Extinction” was released

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