Last month, the Biden administration announced it was considering restarting the construction of Trump’s border wall where “gaps” exist. The statement understandably alarmed immigrants’ rights activists and groups. After all, the step would legitimize the ferocious nativist movement that was

According to the Race Report, published recently by the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities, the British system is no longer “deliberately rigged against ethnic minorities.” Arguably, British education is the “most emphatic success story of the British ethnic minority

Vegan Diet and Kids Nutrition in childhood plays a crucial role in the quality of health in the long run later in life. Is a vegan diet safe for children? This question might raise concern for young parents as we all

Most Americans are familiar with the past Administration’s Family Separation Policy. What gets lost in the flurry of Trump Administration misbehavior is the fact that child separation may be in a special category of its own.  Not only is it likely

When Impakter first asked me to write a piece on special education, race, and the COVID-19 pandemic, I knew what the focus would be: that students of color are more likely to be disabled and poor, putting them at a

When Mere Access to Education Is Not Enough The Commonwealth Education Trust (CET) recently announced the digitalization of their Teach2030 program, which trains teachers with the goal of improving the quality of education in low and medium income countries that suffer

India enacted the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009 (RTE Act), effective as of 2010 (Government of India, 2009). This Act is still not fully implemented in many schools in India. It is imperative to understand the history

For the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, we are handing over the mic to women and men on the front line, those who are battling COVID-19 and the pandemic of violence against women and girls that’s relentless and rising. These

The first time a police officer was placed inside a public school in The States was during the 1950's in Flint, Michigan. In this role, this officer - like many others at the time - was actively surveilling Black and

The recent homicide of Daniel Prude in police custody in Rochester, NY, at its core illustrates how the context of social inequality and systemic racism can have fatal consequences when law enforcement interacts with people of color; policing mental illness

Empowerment, a word that is both full of promises and threatening. Yet empowering young minds to realize their potential is an essential component of individual wellbeing. It is also essential for the wellbeing of societies, according to the Global Solutions Recoupling

My name is Justin Victor. I focus on what is a global issue today: Spreading germs.  I am a student council member from Design for Change USA. When I started this project called "Suds for Society" with my friends, we were

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