The first time a police officer was placed inside a public school in The States was during the 1950's in Flint, Michigan. In this role, this officer - like many others at the time - was actively surveilling Black and

The recent homicide of Daniel Prude in police custody in Rochester, NY, at its core illustrates how the context of social inequality and systemic racism can have fatal consequences when law enforcement interacts with people of color; policing mental illness

Empowerment, a word that is both full of promises and threatening. Yet empowering young minds to realize their potential is an essential component of individual wellbeing. It is also essential for the wellbeing of societies, according to the Global Solutions Recoupling

My name is Justin Victor. I focus on what is a global issue today: Spreading germs.  I am a student council member from Design for Change USA. When I started this project called "Suds for Society" with my friends, we were

Napoleon Pichay was born in Singapore on June 5, 2008. He is a natural-born leader and a great model for his peers. He is currently the Prefect Level Leader in Yumin Primary School, Singapore. He is humble, friendly and loves making

My name is Jaafar Wahbeh and I am eleven years old. I am from Jordan. I deeply believe that a human's value isn’t what you have but what you give and I also believe that as children "We Can", therefore "We

The Story My name is Ido Spindler, a 7th grader in Israel. My friends and I represented our country at 2018 Be the Change global celebration in Taiwan with our project, the Friendship Station.  There I was chosen to represent my

We got to meet Nargis Kachrumathur, a bright and engaged 14yrs old teenager. She is current a ninth-grader at Riverside School. Her life in Ahmedabad, India, is filled by her love for reading, writing, music and playing basketball. Today Nargis writes

This is Celia, she's working on SDG 10, Climate Action. Celia is a teenager worried about where the world is going - too much plastic, hyperconsumption. She has dreamt up a project called 'Consumo Derroche' with the aim of helping

During the Design for Change event, we got to meet Diana Rose Mucho is a Grade 8 student studying in the Philippines. As a student, Diana had observed several challenges in her community and environment. This led her and her

In November, we got to meet to super vibrant Henry Pao, a 15 years old, secondary student from Pui Ching Middle School. He has participated in Design For Change (DFC) for 3 years and has become a member of the

In Rome, we met Aishah. A lovely and determined young 15yrs woman. She told us that she is currently studying at SMK Lubok Buntar in Kedah, Malaysia. Her take on the question "What is your ambition?" came with a resounding response

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