Black Lives Matter (BLM) has been asking for societal reforms and change since 2013, but this summer was different. A video showing the treatment of George Floyd at the hand’s of the Minneapolis Police pushed people to their limits. This

The continent of Africa is emerging on the international stage as a diverse center of growth, home to some of the world’s fastest-growing economies, and with an increasingly youthful population. As COVID-19 threatens to derail this considerable progress, it’s time

Gun violence and Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) are undeniably linked. Offenders who have access to firearms are five times more likely to kill their victims (Everytown) with a disproportionate number of these victims being Black women. According to a report

In his speech at the Republican National Convention – a maskless gaudy performance in a country still mishandling a global pandemic – Trump reminisced his administration's harmful policies and shrouded his failures with rousing language for over 70 minutes. With

In a venture capital space where the norm is too often to just invest in what is seen as safe and has been tried and tested, there has emerged a bias against women and people of color-led companies, as they

I was raised to be strong! I am the eldest of my parents' two daughters but my father is the third of seven sons. I am logical, shrewd, and focused on problem-solving, partly because my father taught us to look

To say that I have been trudging through a complicated head and heart space lately is a vast understatement. After reading about the murder of Montgomery, Alabama police detective Tanisha Pughsley, in the Montgomery Advertiser, I was met by familiar

For the past two months, it’s been near impossible not to be thinking about race. After the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, protests erupted in cities around the world; and across news and social media,

What is Afrofuturism?  The term “Afrofuturism” was formally articulated and penned by scholar Mark Dery in 1994 essay ‘Black to the Future: Interviews with Samuel R. Delany, Greg Tate, and Tricia Rose’. Dery maps Afrofuturism to the U.S.A. context where he

“July 6 wasn’t the first day I learned this kind of sentiment existed. It wasn’t the first day I learned that the United States does not really like us,” said Ziva Xu, a Chinese international student at the University of Washington.

In Uganda, when someone starts a family, they plant a mango tree. Therefore, each family has an excess supply of Mangoes, but there is no market to sell them to. This causes a high level of food waste, a growing

In this article by Alexandra Bulat Ph.D., a Romanian citizen who has made the UK her home we look at how xenophobia has become very common in the country. Alexandra has completed her university studies in the UK, including a

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