It is hard to ignore that as a global society we are slowly moving away from fossil fuels and other unsustainable practices. There is an opportunity in the market and green finance must be there to help fill the void. Green

Everyone is talking about trees. In January, the World Economic Forum founded the Trillion Trees initiative (, an effort to protect and grow enough trees to fight climate change and build healthy rural landscapes and economies. Around the same time, major

Impact measurement and management are at the heart of Root Capital’s work, helping us optimize our efforts to impact and transform rural communities. By measuring the impact our services are having on client farmers compared to non-members, we unlock critical

The tropics lost 11.9 million hectares of tree cover in 2019, according to data from the University of Maryland, released today on Global Forest Watch. Nearly a third of that loss, 3.8 million hectares, occurred within tropical primary rainforests, areas of mature

The inclusion of climate resilience into Farmer Field School methodologies is a novel and highly promising approach in East Africa. Here is why. Farmer Field Schools (FFS) were introduced in East Africa in the late nineties as an alternative to top-down extension

Many of the world’s 80 million refugees and displaced people have little or no access to energy. Without energy, their lives are colder, darker, and more isolated. Sustainable energy helps refugees and displaced people work towards a better future –

As the Task Force for a Resilient Recovery begins work on low-carbon, resilient pathways for post-COVID-19 recovery, it’s worth taking a step back to examine how stimulus spending is actually financed and what patterns are emerging from the design and implementation of

The P4G (Partnering for Green Growth and the Global Goals 2030) initiative brings together businesses, governments and civil society to create a scalable delivery model to support sustainable and inclusive economic growth through a network of 12 partner countries and

It has been weeks since we closed the Root Capital offices and switched to remote work across the globe. First and foremost, I’m grateful to report the good health of our team and clients and wish the same for you

While predicting outcomes is extremely difficult, it is almost certain that COVID-19 will have profound consequences on economics, politics, social interactions and development. It’s hard to predict where the world will be in 12 months from now. Optimistic scenarios focus on

In these days of isolation, worry, illnesses, and death, a lot of people are hopeful that the COVID-19 pandemic will teach us how to do things better. That it will be not a return to the past but a gateway

As the world struggles to contain the spread of coronavirus, the climate crisis still threatens us all. That’s why we need a green recovery from the pandemic – one that delivers better lives today, alongside progress towards a low-carbon future.

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