Editor's Note: This article was shared with us by One Acre Fund. One Acre Fund provides farm inputs, finance, and training to over 1.1 million families in six African countries per year, and reaches 1 million more families through partnerships. Big

Gun violence and Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) are undeniably linked. Offenders who have access to firearms are five times more likely to kill their victims (Everytown) with a disproportionate number of these victims being Black women. According to a report

Derek Bok, Harvard University President, had a problem. The horrors of Apartheid were rocking the nation’s conscience, and demands for divestment from stocks linked to the South African regime were growing louder by the day.  Bok needed a response.  In a

Pymwymic is a venture capitalist firm and cooperative (co-owned) movement of European Wealth owners looking to pioneer an industry-wide conversion to impact investing. They are striving to open people’s eyes to the positive impact that investment can have on the

“How we make and use products and how we produce food generates almost half of the emissions in our current economic system because the production of goods and infrastructure generates emissions all along value chains,” said Mayor Minna Arve of Turku,

Running for almost two decades already, a local project in Vietnam has been exhibiting the economic, environmental, and social benefits of cassava-based conservation models. By the early 2000s, the Van Yen District in Yen Bai Province, Vietnam, had experienced yield loss

In a venture capital space where the norm is too often to just invest in what is seen as safe and has been tried and tested, there has emerged a bias against women and people of color-led companies, as they

I was raised to be strong! I am the eldest of my parents' two daughters but my father is the third of seven sons. I am logical, shrewd, and focused on problem-solving, partly because my father taught us to look

Climate breakdown and COVID-19 are pushing food systems to the brink. Find out how young African agripreneurs are adapting. The COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting agricultural value chains in Africa by threatening food, nutrition and security, as well as the livelihoods of

The Problem: Food Waste Food waste is undoubtedly one of the world’s most pressing problems. It’s a significant contributor to the climate crisis and an exponential waste of money, energy and resources. Many people don’t know food waste is such a

If there is anything to be learned from the ‘Gilets Jaunes’ protest in France, is that social innovation should accompany environmental policymaking. Policies will have little effect without the acceptance and understanding of the people directly affected by the changes.

During this time of pandemic, sustainable, responsible, and impact (SRI) investing has continued to grow. This is not surprising considering many people see the COVID-19 risks on par with climate change risks. These systemic risks represent the need for a

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