2020 was a year in which much of our time was spent in various forms of regulated or self-imposed distancing from other humans. We are creatures with a primal desire to be in contact with other living beings. Lockdowns, shutdowns,

The stop-deforestation campaigns have a broad range of targets. Depending on who’s talking and what action and reaction are sought from the audience, livestock farming, soy production, timber logging, and palm oil production are presented as the main culprits. No

Global food systems account for a third of total GHG emissions and drive environmental degradation and socio-economic inequalities all along the value chain. The resilience of current food systems is also increasingly challenged by environmental, climate and health crises. Linear Food

On 10 March, the New York Times, basing itself on “closely-held” European Commission documents they were “able to access” in Brussels, made the shocking revelations that, despite the slow roll-out of vaccination, Europe engages in COVID vaccine exports, fully 34

Editor's Note: This article is by Alison Loat. Alison is the Managing Director, Sustainable Investing and Innovation (SII) at OPTrust, a defined benefit pension plan with over 98,000 members and almost $23 billion in assets under management, based in Toronto,

Fishing vessel Lu Rong Yuan Yu 588 ran ashore on Sunday, March 7, 2021, about 10 kilometers from Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius.  The following day, Mauritius mobilized and deployed coast guards and armed forces to rescue the stranded vessel.

The ability to own land and access natural resources allows women to secure food for their families, increase their agricultural productivity and livelihoods, and help drive local economies. Land rights empower women to have a say in matters that affect their lives,

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