Benefit companies are a new legal form of business that contribute to local development and the common good in a transparent way. When great shocks are considered, for instance, wars, pandemics, and earthquakes, we all recognise the essential role of the

The shared challenge of climate change can open a window of opportunity to facilitate peacebuilding, as demonstrated by the Turkana and the Dodoth, an exemplary case of cross-border collaboration. To understand what happened it helps to look at the environment in

A plunge in international trade during the pandemic has shown how some countries may benefit from already high levels of economic sovereignty. The pandemic has highlighted the advantages and disadvantages of relying on international trade versus fostering economic sovereignty. Economic sovereignty gauges

The ETR finds that ecological threats in Syria have exacerbated existing social tensions and fragilities. Using IEP’s Positive Peace Index (PPI), the Ecological Threat Register (ETR) analyses the relationship between countries with high ecological threats and low levels of resilience to

Introducing another week of Future Trends — tracking current global news stories that provide insight into the future. This week's Future Trends: Libya protests, climate refugees, floating vegetable gardens, Israel lockdown and life on Venus. CONFLICT Islamic extremists suspected in the death of

The COVID-19 pandemic will intensify the impacts of ongoing conflict and ecological threats in Yemen. Yemen is considered an ecological hotspot, facing high exposure to all three resource depletion indicators measured in the Ecological Threat Register (ETR) – water stress, food

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