Shape Your Future with Steve Hollingworth – President and CEO at Grameen Foundation

Steve Hollingworth is the President and CEO of the Grameen Foundation that aims to enable the poorest of the poor around the globe to transcend poverty.

For almost 4 years, Steve has been running the Foundation, with the goal of especially supporting women who are dealing with the issues of poverty and hunger.

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They are doing so, with technology to increase women’s access to essential services. And then they help to build an environment that supports women’s breakthrough, whether through strengthening peer networks or developing products designed for them.

In the picture: Women helped by Grameen Foundation Founded by Steve Hollingworth. Photo Credit: Grameen Foundation


The focus of the foundation is creating solutions across three main areas, often applying new technologies to benefit the rural poor: Digital Financial Services for Women, Digital Innovation in Agriculture, Community Health Financing and Access.

The path to sustainability and scale-up of solutions is very complex: the Foundation works to identify and incubate those solutions with the greatest potential.

Together with partners, the Grameen Foundation works with partners to push solutions from early promise to wide-scale impact, whether as social enterprises, as core to partners’ operations, or as government services.

Let’s take a look at the work of the foundation, how they are impacting the world and some powerful stories. Enjoy the interview with Steve Hollingworth!

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