As sports fans around the world rejoice and high-level sports once again grace our television screens, thoughts of how our number one source of entertainment affects our climate - through its global carbon footprint - is almost certainly not at

The word CrossFit has become somewhat of an enigma within the fitness industry over the past twenty years. The fitness movement, which was founded by Greg Glassman in California in 2000, has gathered a cult-like following by its members who

In the past fifty years, humans have managed to destroy 60 percent of animal populations. Among them, one is of historic importance: The ancient Skyros horse, whose ancestors are said to adorn the Parthenon frieze. At the start of the

We at Impakter stand against racism wherever and whenever it has occurred and is still occurring. We share this position with our sister publication, Impakter Italia, and we are happy to publish these two pieces, one documenting a recent European

Part of the difficulty of advocating linguistic rights as the facilitator of other human rights, like the freedom of socio-economic choices, lies in the fact that a language-based community cannot be free of complexity due to religion, gender, cultural and

Book Reviews: The End of October by Lawrence Wright, published April 28, 2020, by Knopf (400 pages) ; The Cover Up by Oscar Sparrow, published September 19, 2019, by Gallo Romano Media (107 pages, free on coronavirus lockdown) These pandemic

On Impakter we often mention sustainable investment, but instead of investing in projects, some organizations, like Lambda School, invest in people.  Lambda School does so by using a different payment structure. Their model is simple: students pay nothing until they earn

Not only can musicians touch our hearts and make us dance, they can also use their melodies to launch a rebellion. That is exactly what London-based singer, guitarist, and songwriter ALBA is doing. Her latest single “Mass Extinction” was released

According to Unesco (as of 11 April), school closures are affecting 91% of the world’s student population - that’s over 1.5 billion children whose learning has been disrupted. They are at home and wondering what happens next. As the coronavirus

Impakter presents Oscar Sparrow's contribution, a British poet's viral view of the COVID-19 pandemic, that "damn pesky virus, that wasp at the global picnic": As the Duchess Megs and her beau, the cool Duke H, lifted off into the skies above

Oscar-Nominated ‘American Factory’ Shows How Workers Around the World Share Common Concerns on the Future of Work - from Corporate Accountability to Workplace Safety. This article was created in partnership with Participant. Most workers have a few common desires: a safe, reliable

Climate-smart options in agriculture can only be inclusive if they consider the gender-specific situations of farmers. Women farmers encounter a great deal of challenges that constrain their agricultural activities. Differing societal roles, unequal access to and control of resources, and women’s

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