This article is part of an editorial collaboration with Heifer International. It was first published on the Heifer International blog.  For many years, Tulsi Thapa felt like she was alone. Like most women in Kopuwa, Nepal, her husband did not allow her

American writer and artist Brian Andreas wrote in one of his stories: “I like geography best… because your mountains & rivers know the secret. Pay no attention to boundaries.” About 263 river basins that connect two or more countries testify to

Agriculture is the backbone of Nepali economy, employing over 66% of the country’s labor force and providing over one-third of the country’s gross domestic products. Most importantly, agriculture makes the livelihood of most Nepalian citizens, as it brings in 83%

This article is part of our Editorial Series called "GFAR impakters". This is done in partnership with GFAR - The Global Forum on Agricultural Research and Innovation  - For more follow on Twitter: #GFARImpakters or view here. 'Youth are the pillars, changers

If you’ve seen recent headlines, you would think we are losing our first line of defence against climate change. According to the Economist, “The world is losing the war against climate change.” The Washington Post recently posited: “This is the

Traditional fabrics have taken on a new identity, thanks to a growing number of independent labels that are preserving and growing the traditional methods of textile design. In combining old methods and modern trends, some really interesting garments are coming

It is difficult enough for a society to emerge from poverty. But it is significantly more difficult when specific individuals and groups, often already among the poorest and most marginalized in society, have in the recent past been specifically targeted

To achieve the Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs) by 2030, there needs to be considerable focus on how best practices from local action can be scaled to meet country level goals. For the last decade, IDEAS For Us (IDEAS)

Community Challenges to Capitalism at the Annapurna Eco-village in Nepal Diverse alternatives to capitalism are emerging in myriad spaces and forms to create a more socially and ecologically sustainable world. Annapurna Eco-village in Astam, Nepal is but one example of a

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