In this article by Ellen Dobbs, Programme Manager climate solutions charity at Ashden, we have a look at how local people initiative could have a significant impact in fighting the climate crisis. Rainforests are a key defense against the climate crisis

When Mere Access to Education Is Not Enough The Commonwealth Education Trust (CET) recently announced the digitalization of their Teach2030 program, which trains teachers with the goal of improving the quality of education in low and medium income countries that suffer

In response to the devastating fire in refugee camp Moria, Global Shapers Munich has teamed up with EuropeCares and Greek NGO Becky’s Bathhouse as well as other Global Shaper Hubs to support refugees — in particular, the estimated 1,000 unaccompanied

The Global Shapers Munich Hub is taking a leading role in supporting refugees - in Munich and globally - integration into local communities and the labour market through digital inclusion initiatives Komputer Klasse and the Upskill Library. Komputer Klasse In 2016, the

In September 2015, the United Nations General Assembly came together to support the creation of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The main agenda of these goals aims to end global poverty and hunger, preserve the environment, support equal opportunities,

What is Christmas like in Palestine at the time of COVID-19? There is no better place to find out about the challenges brought on by the COVID emergency than in Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus Christ. And in a hospital like

“Drain the swamp!” It was Donald Trump’s campaign metaphor for purging everything bad in Washington DC. But he got his metaphor all wrong. Swamps are good. And, while Trump may not believe much in climate change, the UN climate conference

When you walk into a museum, there is a sense of reliability, of trust. You never walk into a museum and think, “I wonder what the carbon footprint of this place is?” or think about how the exhibition you are

A Case Study on P4G Partnership & Africa GreenCo.  Last month, the World Resources Institute launched a landmark new report, “A Time for Transformative Partnerships” that outlines success factors critical to the growth and implementation of multistakeholder partnerships driving progress on

Data4WASH is an interactive online platform designed for open source use. Verified data generated from different GPS coordinates is curated onto the WASH map portal and used to make a case for driving investment into the design and installation of

The costs of a rapidly changing climate, particularly rising temperatures, fall hardest on already marginalized people. The heat challenges they face include dangerously hot buildings.  Building design and quality have a dramatic impact on people’s daily lives. People with less money

Low-carbon innovation is an important tool in our bid to reach the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 – not only because one of those goals focuses on access to energy, but because climate projects deliver a huge range of

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