Shape Your Future with Nargis Kachrumathur

We got to meet Nargis Kachrumathur, a bright and engaged 14yrs old teenager. She is current a ninth-grader at Riverside School. Her life in Ahmedabad, India, is filled by her love for reading, writing, music and playing basketball.

Today Nargis writes for an online global teen magazine called Kidspirit.  She writes in her free time and one of her stories for an anthology has been published.

More importantly, the project that she is working on is about doing her bit to not add waste and harmful materials to the environment. Her aim is to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle and be a responsible consumer. Why? She is doing this by being conscious of what she buys when she goes out. She also applies this approach to her family home and her life with her friends.

The main objective of her project, called “Eco-Friendly Living“, as she explains in her #ShapeYourFuture video, is to help her become more environmentally aware and to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Her project aligns with Sustainable Development Goal number 13, climate action.  Through this process, she is taking action and doing her part in being environmentally conscious.

For her, it all began with Design for Change (DFC), a global movement that cultivates the ‘I Can’ mindset in every child. This ‘I Can’ spirit empowers children and gives them an opportunity to express their own ideas for a better world and put them into action.’ And it has empowered Nargis.

Check Nargis Kachrumathur out here (Instagram)

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