Shape Your Future with Napoleon Pichay

Napoleon Pichay was born in Singapore on June 5, 2008. He is a natural-born leader and a great model for his peers. He is currently the Prefect Level Leader in Yumin Primary School, Singapore.

He is humble, friendly and loves making people laugh and smile. He is confident and great in public speaking.

He introduced the DFC Global Summit 2019 opening ceremony in Rome and also anchored the DFC Global Summit 2019 closing ceremony in Vatican City.

He supports Global Goal 13 ,Climate Action. Through his next project, TeamEarth, Napoleon hopes he can educate his peers about climate change and hopes that they would implement actions that saves the earth in their daily lives.

You can contact Napoleon here:

Napoleon Pichay
DFC Student Council
Instagram: @nap._np
Facebook: Pol Pichay

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