Shape Your Future with Justin Victor: Fight Spreading Germs

My name is Justin Victor. I focus on what is a global issue today: Spreading germs. 

I am a student council member from Design for Change USA. When I started this project called “Suds for Society” with my friends, we were focusing on how to stop the spread of germs. Back then,  I was 10 years old in Belaire School P.S. 135Q.  Today with the current Coronavirus, COVID-19,  I see even more the importance of our project and group.

Spreading germs is really a major issue worldwide. 

If we jump to today, I am 12 years old and attending Baldwin Middle School. We are working on the same project with the hope of reaching out to other children throughout the world. 

Our goal is to teach them the importance of handwashing with soaps and the effect of the spread of germs. 


SDG3 Global: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all

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