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The Story

My name is Ido Spindler, a 7th grader in Israel. My friends and I represented our country at 2018 Be the Change global celebration in Taiwan with our project, the Friendship Station.  There I was chosen to represent my country in the Global Student Council. 

I am overwhelmed with excitement and feel that it is my job to be the ambassador and model for youth in my country, and in the world, to show them at EVERYONE CAN, and through this collaboration reach people all over the world and make our lives and the lives of people everywhere better.

For example, our project, The Friendship Station, was adopted by 40 schools in India.

This was an incredible feeling for me to know that our little school in Israel had such a far-reaching effect! This year I participated in the I Can Children’s Global Summit in Rome where, along with my friends of the Global Student Council, children showcased their projects. This was a thrilling and empowering experience for me. There are so many children thinking about how to change the world to make it better.

Today I approach all the tasks I face using the FIDS method I learned:

  • Feel– look for problems that bother me and for opportunities for change
  • Imagine– possible solutions
  • Do– make a plan and execute my ideas, and,
  • Share– my story

This last stage of sharing is the most important because this is how we learn about local problems and how we found solutions that worked.

The student council chose to work on the fourth Global Goal, Quality Education. I hope and believe that we CAN design a better future.

I am very fortunate to have this opportunity. It has enriched my life and given me a real sense of importance.

My project aligns with Goal 4 – Quality Education.

Find Ido Spindler on:

Instagram : @ido_shpindler_

Facebook: Ido shpindler 

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