Impakter Joins Climate Coverage Initiative


Today, 1 June, we are celebrating the day Impakter was founded six years ago and we are pleased to announce that we have joined the Climate Coverage Initiative, a global project co-founded by Columbia Journalism Review (CJR) and the Nation aimed at strengthening the media’s focus on the climate crisis.

In joining the Covering Climate Now network, Impakter is working with over 400 newsrooms from every corner of the media, wire services like Reuters, AFP and Bloomberg and newspapers like the U.K. Guardian, the Christian Science Monitor, Times of India, Libération (France), La Repubblica (Italy), La Nacion (Argentina), Globes (Israel) and many more. Dozens of local and special-interest outlets, across all mediums, from across the US and world are also partners.

Impakter, since its foundation in 2014, has been publishing climate change content as a priority, regularly reporting on solutions to the climate crisis, with the explicit aim of both providing the necessary information for our readers in a fair, comprehensive and balanced manner and driving hope for a better, more sustainable world, including social justice. 

Impakter’s coverage is international and spans every aspect of the climate crisis from emerging political movements and societal changes, including the rise of the circular economy and green financing, innovative technology solutions, improvements to our lifestyle to make it more sustainable, and works of art and literature. From the start, we covered Art because, working on emotions, it is often best at driving hope and giving us a clear vision of where our society is headed and what will be required to avoid climate catastrophe.

From the start, Impakter has been helped by the quality of its contributors dedicated to fighting climate change and who are high-level experts from a broad range of institutions, both private and public, including universities, research centers, United Nations specialized agencies, and climate non-governmental organizations.

On the political and business front, we have celebrated milestone events, most recently Earth Day 2020, fifty years of fighting for our planet. We have reported on COP 25,  the rise of climate movements like the Extinction Rebellion, and on the achievements of many cities around the world,  climate organizations, and authors/activists in fighting for the environment. 

We have regularly interviewed political and business leaders to find out how they are addressing sustainability and climate change. And we have reported on philanthropists engaged in climate activities – for example, in our Shape Your Future series, we have interviewed numerous leaders and influencers dedicated to advancing climate solutions. We have also tracked new developments in green financing and new trends in both the public and private finance industry that is, at last, taking a stand on the environment.

On the technology front, we have reported on a broad range of imaginative solutions and technological “fixes”, from how to address food waste to replacing plastic bottles with plant-based plastic bottles and large-scale carbon capture that is finally underway.  

On the art and literature front, we have covered a range of arts, from music – e.g. ALBA’s latest album – to the visual arts – e.g. an interview with Louis Masai, best known for his murals of endangered species. We have reviewed books, both non-fiction, notably Michael Bloomberg’s and Carl Pope’s excellent books on how to reverse global warming,  and fiction, highlighting the key role of climate fiction in raising awareness of the issue.

To assist our readers to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle and thus successfully fight or at least help mitigate climate change, Impakter has regularly published articles providing solutions to address such issues, for example, tips to reduce food waste in the home or an app to find better ways to offset their carbon footprint.

Impakter is also helped in covering the climate crisis with solid contributions from its sister online magazine in Italy, Impakter Italia, equally committed to reporting on the climate emergency, always from a scientific point of view and sometimes from an Italian one, throwing an interesting light on the issue.  

Impakter was among the first in the media to alert the public to the link between air pollution and the lethality of COVID-19. The current pandemic, however, should not stop us from seeking the solution to the most fundamental challenge of our time: Climate change and the threat to our environment. 

For the future, Impakter is committed to continuing to provide evidence-based coverage of the climate crisis. It will report, as a matter of priority, on sustainable development solutions that leave no one behind, and at the same time, preserve livelihoods as well as foster economic dynamism and innovation. To help in that endeavor is Impakter’s unshakeable commitment to our readers.

If you represent a newsroom interested in joining the initiative, reach out to Covering Climate Now, click here.


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