Eco-Fashion with Arpita Paul

Eco-fashion is a an ever growing movement, generating better education for ethical shoppers. It is a design philosophy, and also, a branch of the over-arching trend of the 21st century, sustainability.

Orgassm Organic is a clothing company which adheres to all the ethical requirements that a modern-thinking shopper could wish to know. Committed to purely organic cotton, with ethical certifications, across their men, women and baby wear departments, Orgassm Organic is trying to indent their sustainable palm print on the fashion industry in the U.S.A. I spoke to Arpita Paul, founder and owner, to get further understand OO’s sustainable mission in the fashion industry.

Q: How are you ethical as a company?

AP: Orgassm Organic is a Fairtrade USA certified company, which implies that we support Fair and Ethical work place and make sure that all our workers and farmers are paid a fair and living wage and also they have the right to union where their voices can be heard. As a fairtrade certified company we also make sure we only do business with manufacturers that support and, or share similar sustainable cause and vision.

In the photo: Leggings by OO Credit: Orgassm Organic

Q: What was your journey like in creating a sustainable product?

AP: To answer that I would have to take few steps back in my journey into becoming an entrepreneur. I migrated to the USA back in 2012 and as a mother of two (4.5yr old & 10-month-old), I have always wanted to make sure I provide the best for my kids, just like any other mom. I wanted to make sure the world around them is safe, pure and pollution free. Always try to get as much Organic foods as I can afford, as much organic clothing as I can afford. And when you look into the Fashion Industry, sustainable clothing is so expensive that it is above and beyond anything that a middle-class family can afford, and I wanted to change that. My degree in Business (MBA) also helped me in researching this market and come up with a business plan to start Orgassm Organic for middle class people who want to make an impact in this world against the use of toxic chemicals and dyes. Think about it, if we all start to use Sustainable Clothing what kind of an impact we can have on our mother nature.

Q:  How are you different from other sustainable apparel companies?

AP: Like any entrepreneur, I hope to see my brand OO succeed as a regular everyday wear for common people. I hope to include many more products and colors in the coming future. We are a very lean company with minimal overhead expenses and I want to keep it that way to make it more affordable for my customers because at the end of the day the price tag does matter.

Q: In what ways is your company continuing to improve its sustainable processes?

AP: Fairtrade USA Certification is very near and dear to my heart. How many times have you heard of those famous brands uses sweat shops in Bangladesh or China where people work for pennies in a hazardous working condition? Or there are Child or bonded labourers are making those high end brands? Quite often, right? Being Fairtrade Certified we make sure all our workers and farmers are paid a fair and living wage, they have the right to union. My company “Indware USA LLC” that owns the brand Orgassm Organic is a Fairtrade USA certified company, and we make sure that we do business with similar certified companies to avoid any unwanted issues in our supply chain.

Apart from that, all our products are made with Premium quality Organic Cotton. Even the dye that is used is organic and free from any harmful chemicals.

In the photo: Underwear by OO Credit: Orgassm Organic

Q: How does your company give back to the community?

AP: Fairtrade Certification comes with many stipulations where we pay a premium to improve the living conditions of workers and farmers. Harmful Chemicals and GMOs are strictly prohibited in favor of environmentally sustainable farming methods that protect farmers’ health and preserve valuable ecosystems for future generations.

Apart from that we also donate to American Red Cross with the sale of every item.

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