CLIMATE . CHANGE – Episode 6 – With Jeffrey Sachs, Professor at Columbia University & UN advisor

In Episode 6 and final chapter of the short film series “Climate . Change”, Jeffrey Sachs, one of the world’s most influential economists, Professor at Columbia University and Senior Advisor to the UN on Sustainability, paints a realistic yet scary picture of where we stand globally in terms of climate change. Professor Sachs is also a bestselling author, his most recent titles are A New Foreign Policy: Beyond American Exceptionalism published in October 2018 and Building the New American Economy: Smart, Fair, and Sustainable published in February 2017 and reviewed by Impakter.

Professor Jeffrey Sachs exposes the rapid downward spiral into extreme and violent climate conditions for decades to come, unless all of society unites in the fight against global warming. He underlines how hard it is to have governments and businesses get on board and join in the fight against climate change. His call for an uprising of all of society to help change the paradigm and save the world is deeply convincing.

“Climate . Change” is a short documentary series directed by Thierry Daher & Julie Benasra and produced by Positive Solutions ( with the support of Solutions & Co by Sparknews. Episode 6 is the final chapter of the series in which global climate experts, financiers and entrepreneurs assess the gravity of the planet’s situation and share their fears, hopes and solutions.


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