Root Capital's Climate Resilience Roadmap This week, Hurricane Iota became the strongest storm ever to hit Nicaragua. The category four storm ripped across the country with torrential rains and winds topping 155mph, mere weeks after the same communities were devastated by

Vietnamese farmers can improve their profitability and enhance their resilience against climate impacts by growing shrimp, tilapia, and seaweed together. Aquaculture production has been a fast-growing food sector in the world. Its profitability and climate resilience should be explored to identify

Farmers in Bangladesh face the twin challenges of coping with COVID-19 related atrocities while constantly being battered by monsoon floods. Fortunately, there was some respite for 316 flood-struck Bangladeshi Boro Rice Farmers who received a claim of Bangladeshi taka (BDT)

Since 2007, the all-women AMPROCAL coffee cooperative in Ocotepeque, Honduras has worked hard to connect farmers with higher prices for their coffee on the international market. Starting with just eight members, they’ve grown to over 150 today. That means they’re

Urban Areas Can Lead the Way in Establishing a Framework to Reduce Food Waste. Five years ago, the UN General Assembly set optimistic goals for the world of tomorrow. Covering everything from access to education to gender equality, these Sustainable Development

As women face unprecedented upheavals, the development community has an opportunity to not only meet immediate needs, but to support a more innovative, equitable future. While agriculture is the primary source of income and food security for billions of people globally,

COVID-19 and Bulk Buying Finding green grocery shopping solutions can serve as a challenge even without a pandemic. With cooperatives and other green grocery stores rarely available in remote towns, avoiding single-use plastic can often require significant effort. COVID-19 has made this

The Problem: Food Waste Food waste is undoubtedly one of the world’s most pressing problems. It’s a significant contributor to the climate crisis and an exponential waste of money, energy and resources. Many people don’t know food waste is such a

Food waste is still a growing concern for our future, even during the coronavirus pandemic. Indeed, even more so. We need, more than ever, to ensure that we have a secure future for present and future generations. The world faces

Is a world with no abattoirs an outrageous statement??? Or a necessary reality to prevent future pandemics, restore our planet, and seriously-commit to feeding the world with an increasing population, where currently 800 million people are malnourished? Eliminating the suffering of

The global pandemic, COVID-19, continues to batter various sectors of our economy, not sparing the agriculture sector, which happens to be the backbone of Ghana’s economy.  But Ghana is not alone. Every African country has been adversely affected by the

MIXT’s Focus on Sustainable, Healthy Food and Treating its People Well Offers a Roadmap for a Better Food System for Everyone in the Face of Fast Food. The time is ripe for a restaurant industry disruption — actually, one is already

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