If you look in my store cupboard, you will see a range of dried and canned goods. Some are basics like oats, tinned tomato, and baked beans.  Others are a bit more exotic, like Shirataki Noodles made from the starchy

Warning: Graphic Photos Within According to Sentient Media, for just land animals alone, greater than 150 million animals are killed daily. From this fact, 56 billion land animals will be slaughtered each year. This is not even including the millions of

  This article is part of our Editorial Series called “GFAR Impakters.” This is done in partnership with GFAR – The Global Forum on Agricultural Research and Innovation  – For more follow on Twitter: #GFARImpakters or view here. Sustainability of the Agri-Food

In case we need any more evidence of the reality of climate change, besides the hundreds of scientific reports published over the last few decades, we can simply observe the changes in the seasons and weather. These shifting weather patterns

"The world of food is in trouble," alerts the company Seamore on their website. But do not despair for the innovative company also has a proposed solution: seaweed. The many processes of the food industry contribute enormously to climate change. According

Food waste is a multifaceted phenomenon that bares the complexity of our food system. It mimics the linearity of food production (we produce more, buy more and waste more) the paradox of food consumption (the more we have the more

The chachafruto (‘basul,’ Erythrina edulis), a leguminous tree native to the Andean region that produces large and sweet beans inside its pods, reminds me of my childhood in eastern Antioquia, Colombia. During the harvest season, the beans were used to produce delicious and

Kimberly and Priscilla Addison are the two Co-founders of '57 Chocolate, a luxury chocolate brand inspired by their Ghanian roots. Kimberly is a graduate of Boston College’s Arts and Sciences Program, where she obtained a Bachelors of Arts in French

We typically think of gardens as inconsequential hobbies or places for families to grow a few extra vegetables in the summer, not essential tools in the fight against climate change. However, as our ecological infrastructure continues to deteriorate, it becomes clear

Sustainable fashion, sustainable beauty, sustainable technology – the idea of sustainability is growing and it is unsurprising that sustainable food is also part of the ‘sustainable movement’. While people have become accustomed to organic food, sustainable eating is a relatively

This article is part of an editorial collaboration with BCorporation. The BCorp Series can be found here. The original publication can be found here. B Corps Help You Vote With Your Dollars and Live Your Values During the Holidays If you inhale deeply this

As a newbie scentophile, I like to peruse Perfumer & Flavorist, a magazine for and about the flavor and fragrance industry, even if many of the ads and articles are almost incomprehensible to a lay-person, as they tout chemical compounds

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