This time Erdogan, the Turkish dictator out to destroy any remnants of democracy in his country, has managed something of a master coup: He has offended not only Ursula von der Leyen, the European Commission chief but Europe as a

Updated 11 December 2020: EU Budget effectively unblocked, Veto from Hungary and Poland is lifted, rule of law in the EU is compromised. The first to announce the news was the President of the EU Council, Charles Michel on Twitter: Deal

It happened today, 16 November. Hungary and Poland have managed to block Europe's €750 billion Recovery Fund. Europeans rarely agree on anything and now the Visegrad group of East European countries led by Hungary and Poland is threatening Europe’s path to

Biden’s victory, as welcome as it is, means very different things for America and for the world. Here I will try to look beyond the coming eleven weeks of recriminations, accusations and lawsuits that Trump appears set to unleash. I

Once again the European Parliament and the Council are at loggerheads over the EU's seven-year budget. The "only" difference compared to previous negotiations is that, in this case, the 2021-2027 budget is anchored to a crucial instrument for economic recovery:

The new European Commission president, Ursula von der Leyen, the first woman ever to hold the job in its 63-year history, has set out to change Europe, pushing it into a new direction.  In the few months, she has been in

We are in the midst of a crisis that threatens our lives, our jobs, and our prosperity. In the corridors of power and their administrations, the current upheaval will turn the tables, with new priorities for the European Union and

The judgment is out, Brexit is a defeat for Europe and the European project. And for America too. It will weaken the European Union on the international scene and slow down integration. That, at least, is the judgment you find

July 16, in a stormy session, the European Parliament confirmed Ursula von der Leyen’s nomination to succeed Jean-Claude Juncker at the head of the European Commission. Here is our sister publication Impakter Italia’s insightful account of how she got there

Public debate in the UK  is currently focused on the Labour Party’s alleged antisemitism, sparked by a BBC Panorama programme which asks ‘Is Labour Anti-Semitic?’  This has considerably weakened the party image and its leader Jeremy Corbyn, causing insufficient attention

Updated 10 June. Two political developments threaten Europe: A no-deal Brexit that would certainly hurt the British economy but would also be painful on the continent, and an out-of-control deficit in Italy. Taken separately, Europe could handle the issues. But

Early European elections results showed a victory for Eurosceptic populists across Europe but the victory was not as large as predicted. Ecology was as big an issue as immigration, perhaps bigger, and the Greens scored big in Germany, France and

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