While quail production in Sub-Saharan Africa has strong potential, it keeps failing to boom, leaving us with the conclusion that the industry requires good pioneering skills. Although more and more appreciated by consumers, the integration of this meat in the

Sustainability of the Agri-Food Value-Chain To create sustainable value in agri-food value-chains we need to introduce new models of governance. These models should aim at increasing capital by granting rights on shares based on the quantity of resources delivered. The current

Kenyan Initiative Links Presenters to Local Extension Officers Radio is an excellent medium for agricultural extension. However, some of the world’s farmers are much better served this way than others. An initiative by the Syngenta Foundation aims to improve the radio

After each class, students fill out a short feedback survey on our sessions are. The most pertinent response a student said to me was that our beginner, paper-based coding game was too easy and that her school’s IT class is

Forty years since India gained independence, what has really changed for the farmers of today? Farmers incomes are still too low, India needs to at least double farmers' income. During this crucial post-independence period, agriculture contributed 45% of the country’s

This article explores livestock markets and the use of pastoralist mobility to gradually enhance the growing cattle economy in Karamoja, Uganda; cases are provided in this article of the best practices in the livestock trade and communities, involved both inside

A successful Story from Kerala, India - by James T.J, Sijo Jose, Sanoop , Stebin K, Dr Hubby Mathew of Peermade Development Society, Idukki , Kerala, India.    Based on local problems and needs in Kerala, India, innovative farmers and local communities have

Pig production in Cameroon, similar to many other African countries, requires good entrepreneurial skills. The trade is often unorganized, production costs high, and animal diseases common. Success is a real challenge, despite this, pig farmer Jonas Tchenda has managed his production

Agriculture is the backbone of Nepali economy, employing over 66% of the country’s labor force and providing over one-third of the country’s gross domestic products. Most importantly, agriculture makes the livelihood of most Nepalian citizens, as it brings in 83%

Only a few decades ago, hardly anyone knew Gnetum africanum, a vascular plant of the Gnetopsida group. Now the plant’s growth has increased in popularity both on African food tables and within its industry. Gnetum africanum is a climbing plant found

Over the years, I have been attending meetings, capacity building programmes, and input or asset distribution schemes for farmers at various platforms. Invariably, in all forms of programmes we continually find that women are largely missing, unless these programmes are

In an agrarian country like India, agriculture is often projected as an occupation or livelihood for approximately 60% of the population, neglecting the fact agriculture supports the life of the entire population. Agriculture and allied sectors have tremendous potential for

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