A Warm Welcome to Frieze

Taking its name from Frieze the contemporary art fair founded in 2003 – this year’s Frieze week (14th – 19th October) attracted audiences from all over the world, representing a glorious opportunity for enthusiasts and professionals of the art scene to discover new performances, artists and galleries, meet collectors or otherwise enrich their art network.

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For the whole week, from 6pm onwards, at the ‘cocktail hour’: inundations of champagne, waterfalls of canapés and a wave of talented deejays animating the nights with their distinctive vibes and a signature rhythm…. Art spaces lived day and night! It may be agreed that everyone who counts descends to London for these important and fun events.

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Also described as a “global art powerhouse” or an “art attack”, Frieze’s influence spreads further every year, causing London’s museums and galleries to be caught up in the rush too. Timing their biggest shows around this week, they all compete to assure their position in Frieze’s main collectors’ agendas.

Every art professional, from dealers to art advisors tempt collectors and museum directors to spend their millions on exceptional artworks and installations.


Gerhard Richter, Marian Goodman Gallery, London 2014

 To inaugurate her impressive space, gallerist Marian Goodman seized the scene, showcasing more than 40 recent abstract works by German artist Gerhard Richter. Gagosian Gallery presented the American artist Richard Serra introducing his four latest enormous steel sculptures.


Since the mid 2000’s, auction houses Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Phillips have augmented their mid-season contemporary sales around Frieze London.

Of course, however, most of the fun of Frieze week has always been to scout and kick-start emerging artists, in prevision of a positive return. But is Frieze still the best and only stage to do this?

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