The Impakter team,  deeply saddened at the tragic loss of lives in the airplane crash near Addis Ababa, joins the Secretary-General of the United Nations in conveying their heartfelt sympathies and solidarity to the victims’ families and loved ones, including those of

The Global Goals as the Super Bowl: Are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals inadvertently tripping up our team? I’ve recently become interested in American Football. I might still struggle to know the difference between a wildcat and a West Coast offense, but

Collaboration and multi-stakeholder partnerships have now become overused terms, new fashionable expressions adopted by companies, public institutions and the non-profit ecosystem. They have been presented as the answer to the demands of a growingly complex world and to the challenges

A Universal Approach: Why the Achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Must Not be Done in Isolation In 2013, a distinguished panel of prime ministers, leaders from civil society, private sector and government from across the globe provided a landmark

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