A new moon, it is almost midnight and I’m on a beach in Delaware, watching horseshoe crabs coming to the surf line to spawn. They are not actually crabs, but arachnids. Their closest biological relatives are ticks, spiders and scorpions.

Says Savory Institute Co-Founder Daniela Ibarra-Howell This article is part of an editorial collaboration with Heifer International. It was first published on the Heifer International blog.  Regenerative agriculture is a nature-based solution that can help heal the planet in the face of

More than 100 billion tons of resources enter the economy every year – everything from metals, minerals and fossil fuels to organic materials from plants and animals. Just 8.6% gets recycled and used again. Use of resources has tripled since 1970 and could double

David Attenborough graces our screens again in his most poignant documentary yet. Over the course of his 60-year career as a naturalist and beloved wildlife narrator, the landscape of the natural world has changed dramatically. Now, at 93, Attenborough is

“Hope in the City” tells the story of Vikram and his daughter Anita who are just heading home from the movies when a tornado – a weather phenomena they have never seen before – comes out of nowhere. The devastation left

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