Shape Your Future with Joanne Archambault, Founder & CEO at End Violence Against Women International (EVAWI)

Joanne Archambault retired as a Sergeant from the San Diego, California Police Department and is currently the Founder and Chief Executive Officer for End Violence Against Women International (EVAWI).

Joanne Archambault has worked for many years for sexual assault victims and her efforts lead her to win the National Crime Victims’ Service Award in 2010. This same year, she was invited to the White House to be part of “the first assembly on violence against women” hosted by President Obama and Vice Président Biden. Five-years later she continued working with the Obama/Biden administration to help implement guidelines to identify and prevent gender bias in the law enforcement response to sexual assault and domestic violence.

Before founding EVAWI, Joanne Archambault worked for almost 23 years for the San Diego Police Department (SDPD) where she began in patrol. As an officer, detective and sergeant, she worked many different assignments including Gangs, Child Abuse, Crimes Against Persons, the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity and Internal Affairs. While working child abuse and sex crimes, she reorganized and remodelled the child abuse and sexual assault curriculum at the San Diego Regional Law Enforcement Academy in 1985 and 1991. Before retiring from the SDPD in late 2002, Joanne Archambault spent ten years supervising the Sex Crimes Unit composed of 13 detectives who worked a yearly average of 1,000 felony sexual assaults in the City of San Diego.

Joanne Archambault is not just the CEO but also the founder of EVAWI, a nonprofit organization created in order to improve how the justice system handles sexual assaults. The creation of this organization is not the first action she has done to improve it and share her knowledge. Indeed, Joanne Archambault authored and co-authored multiple reports and articles and she produced in 2001 a series of training videos entitled “Sexual Assault Training and Investigations: The Preliminary Response.”.

Here below is the full interview with Joanne Archambault, to find out even more about her, including how she shapes her future!





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