Shape Your Future with Aishah Nur 

In Rome, we met Aishah. A lovely and determined young 15yrs woman. She told us that she is currently studying at SMK Lubok Buntar in Kedah, Malaysia.

Her take on the question “What is your ambition?” came with a resounding response “My ambition is to become a lawyer because I want to fight for justice”

Her belief in the cause drives her to make sure that, one day, her ambition will come true if she really works hard and put the effort in it. Those that keep her grounded but are also her number one supported are, as it should, her family, friends and teachers. She says “They always help me in achieving my goal and motivate me with their inspiring advice”.

Ultimately, she tells us that she has one clear goal “I hope that in the future I can become a good lawyer and I also hope that I can change the world to become better to be lived in – free from inequality!”

Her final note before leaving us was a kind and encouraging, one that is filled with hope and strength: “Thank you everyone, I hope that you guys will also work on to make the world a better place to live. This is because it’s not an individual responsibility but it is everyone’s responsibility to make it happen. Thank you”

Brief of her Project
Brief of Aishah‘s project for I CAN School Challenge 2019: One Step Forward
One Step Forward is about encouraging students and designing a platform for students to speak up and take action to make the school a better place. Students are being judged and scared to speak up because the majority of the decisions students make are not from the students themselves. In One Step Forward, 5 student mentors mentored other school students to identify school problems and to design solutions around the problems like bullying and vandalism in school using Design For Change’s FIDS (Feel, Imagine, Do and Share) Model. It has been a really powerful tool and we have seen a lot of students being more responsible in their learning and more independent when it comes to being a student leader in solving problems in school.
Links to submission: First submission here, semi-final round submission here.
Brief of Aishah‘s project for I CAN School Challenge 2018: Singing to the Lions
An anti-bullying performance and a series of initiatives curated by 47 students from 5 high need schools in Kedah, Malaysia.
Through Design For Change‘s FIDS (Feel Imagine Do Share) model, they created and reflected on the past 6 months journey of anti-bullying in Malaysia! Links to submission: Click here.

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Aishah‘s FB: Click here
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Design for Change Malaysia’s FB: Click here
DFC Malaysia’s Instagram: @designforchangemy

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