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Hi, I’m Bri and I’m a 19-year-old college student who believes in the power of being happy and vibrantly living life. Both the beach and the mountains are my backyard.
I am a free spirit who is not afraid to let my hair down. Fruit is my best friend! I am a dedicated vegan who believes in the power of fruits and vegetables. My goal is to promote organic living. I love to travel to new places and explore exciting things and ideas. When I run I feel the most alive. There’s something so special about being able to run free. All I need are my running shoes and yoga mat. I am passionate about both health and fitness. Being active and fun loving gives me a sense of joy and love for life.
I hope to radiate a passion for living the healthiest and most joyfully enriched lifestyle possible. Running, biking, yoga, and pilates are my absolute favorite activities.
Being in the outdoors is where I am the happiest and find inner peace.

Doing yoga on the beach as the sun rises, longboarding to the farmers market with the sun’s rays gently touching my back, and running trails in the mountains, I am a California native.

I strongly believe that youthfulness and a joy for life can be achieved by anyone. As a dedicated vegan and fitness lover, I have weekly tips and tricks for you to look and feel great! Emitting positive energy and respecting your body has the power to completely change your life.I want to share with you my secrets to become healthier, fitter, and ultimately more confident in who you already are and who you aspire to become.
Beauty is more than skin deep; however properly taking care of your body will radiate beauty on the inside and out. Life in my opinion is about constantly striving to achieve inner happiness.

7. More Confident

Transforming your body starts in the kitchen. Eating clean does not have to be boring or unsatisfying. Life is meant to be lived to its fullest potential. And enjoying food plays a huge part in this! Finding moderation is key. I know tons of delicious meals that will satisfy all of your cravings and can’t wait to share them with you!

Getting fit does not have to be a struggle. Loosing inches is an achievable task. We all desire to feel sexy and toned. And with a little work and dedication it’s just around the corner. Finding motivation and undergoing some simple adjustments to your daily routine will grant you the ability to look your absolute best. And you don’t even need a gym membership. There are so many little changes that everyone can easily make within their daily routines to score the body of their dreams! A healthier lifestyle doesn’t have to break your wallet.

Its simple when you believe in yourself and desire to live life to its fullest, you will change your life for the better. Clean eating will rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

Living a healthy and fit lifestyle will make you feel fresh and beautiful.

I want to share my joy for health and fitness with you! When you are healthy your body is in harmony. I want to promote healthy living that is doable.Healthy living is not about starving yourself; it’s about loving yourself and your body and becoming the best you possible!I’m so excited to take you on this journey and share with you all of my secrets to a fit and healthy lifestyle.

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California native, vegan, runner, nature lover, living a healthy and fit life and hoping to inspire others.


  • Elaine

    June 9, 2014

    I just need to take lessons from you.

  • Jun

    June 9, 2014

    Eating healthy does pay off!

  • Louie

    June 9, 2014

    The benefits of eating properly and exercise is not only looking good but extending our lives.

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