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Inspired by his father’s passion, Oliver Vegas has been a professional photographer for almost all of his professional life, specializing particularly in nature and travel photography. While honing his art, he has accrued an impressive portfolio, as well as a significant Instagram following and a string of campaign projects with Nike and Coca-Cola to name some of his clients. While the Barcelona-based photographer’s name has proliferated throughout the advertising and Instagram world, he still finds time to travel to all corners of the globe with the mission of capturing each and every city and landscape as he sees it.

We Interviewed Oliver Vegas, to learn more about his work, life and travels.

Tell us about yourself. What was it that drew you to photography? 

Oliver Vegas: My life has always been centered around photography since I was a kid. As I have told many, my passion comes from my father. He used to take pictures of our family trips. That was, perhaps, what pushed me into the world of photography. Years later, I started to focus my career on imaging and communication, studying and learning the art of it by myself. All my hard work is what finally led to me making waves in the photography world.


In the Photo: Oliver Vegas; Photo Credit: Oliver Vegas

How did you get involved with campaign photography? Was it always something you had strived for, or more something that just happened along your journey? 

O.V.: Years ago I just worked within my own means, taking my own photos.  I always wanted to work with well-known brands, but it is really hard to get noticed by them, and make them appreciate your work. Over the years, I was able to slowly work my way in this direction.



How do you find time to balance the work you do with brands, such as Nike, and your travels? Is it an adjustment, or was your experience in travel photography translatable?

O.V.: Working with brands has evolved. Maybe because Nike is a company very related to my work, in that it is friendly towards a healthy and sporty lifestyle, to nature and city experiences, in any situation. This makes it easy to combine travel and campaign photography, as it happens now with the many brands that want to work with me due to their desired image being very much aligned with the lifestyle I show in my pictures.

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Photo Credit: Oliver Vegas

Whereas a lot of landscape photographers will simply take photographs of stunning landscapes, you seem to always add an extra aspect to the scene, whether it be the right lighting or waiting for a coyote to cross the road. Is that just a matter of timing, or do you wait for these things to happen? 

O.V.: It depends on many factors. First, knowing what you want to picture or having an idea. Some other times it is just luck; the luck of finding situations on your way, and being able to to take advantage of those situations in the moment. In this world, especially in nature, you have to be patient and know where you can find those situations. The Coyote scene in the middle of the road has an explanation. Coyotes often prowl around the road in the desert so we just had to wait for one to cross the road to take advantage of that moment and shot. It was an example of patience paying off.

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Photo Credit: Oliver Vegas

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What is your favorite aspect of travel photography, and why? 

O.V.: Maybe because I try to expose a different aspect of every place. That is what every photographer has to do, portray the magic that we always seek in our trips. Your point of view of a picture and the affection you put into it will show the viewer what he or she needs to get out of the picture in order to live it as he or she was there.

I try to expose a different aspect of every place. That is what every photographer has to do, portray the magic that we always seek in our trips.

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Photo Credit: Oliver Vegas

Are there any locations you’ve traveled to that really stood out as exceptional? 

O.V.: This is a really common question. Sincerely I cannot bend for any. Every place has its own charm: from the Swiss Mountains to Asia, through the Arizona Desert, or even diving on the Great Barrier Reef. Every place is special and has its charm.


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Featured Image: Oliver Vegas 
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