Gaia Grow System, Hydroponic Indoor Farming From Scandinavia

The Gaia Grow System is a hydroponic growing unit that allows anyone to grow their own organic food easily and automatically, either at home or as a business. Designed in Scandinavia, it is ideal to grow vegetables, herbs, and medical plants without using soil.

Many people know that our current food system needs to change in order to save the globe and have a more sustainable future, but they don’t know how to contribute and help. The World Economic Forum (Shaping the future of global food systems, Feb. 2017) has stated that “the current food system is not positioned to produce healthy and sustainably produced nourishment to the entire global population now and particular in the future”.

Consequently, we might be heading towards increased disease and starvation conditions, if we don’t do anything. That’s why we now also have the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as we cannot continue to abuse our globe and the limited resources, we have. Instead, we must develop and use more sustainable new technologies like in the agriculture and food sector.

In the picture: Gaia Grow System in a home. Photo Credit: Gaia Grow System

Gaia Grow System enables anyone to take part in this, by allowing them to grow food without herbicides and pesticides, and without using plastic for packaging or fossil fuels for transport. Additionally, the growing hydroponic system is so efficient that it uses only one-tenth of the freshwater needed on traditional croplands.

The plants grow much quicker and you may almost be able to see from day to day how the growing proceeds. You may be able to harvest fresh vegetables loaded with vitamins and nutrients just before dinner which is a huge advantage compared to buying a plastic package of vegetables from the grocery, that has been harvested and transported sometimes up to eight weeks ago.

Scandinavian design, global importance. The Gaia Grow System has undergone four years of iterative design and technical developments, culminating in a product beautiful but extremely functional, simple yet very effective. Additionally, the system is modular- a single grow box can be used on its own, or several can be stacked together and circled up for greater density.

This means that the same product is flexible enough to serve both an urbanite in a small city apartment or an entrepreneur with a full scale urban hydroponic farm. The Gaia team even envisions its system being used by those in less privileged circumstances to start micro-businesses growing fruit or vegetables in agriculturally challenging geographical areas.

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The first consumer model of Gaia Grow System will be delivered in a single package with everything needed to get started. Consumers will be able to build Gaia like Lego pieces in 15-20 minutes. No need for any tools at all. Electricity will be needed to distribute the nutrient to the plant roots, but an option is also to run Gaia with a solar panel not bigger than the palm of a hand.

Gaia System is automatic, so you may go away for a couple of weeks only checking the plants’ conditions on your smartphone. It can be placed indoor or outdoor, with or without LED grow lights, and it could grow low-growing herbs or high-growing tomatoes. Gaia is extremely versatile and user-friendly and you may be able to convert 1 Square Meter of your city apartment to at least a 25 Square Meter kitchen garden and harvest most of your family’s need for fresh well tasting leafy greens from it. 

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