Health illiteracy haunts the COVID-19 response in most of the Western democracies. Health illiteracy is defined as the inability to comprehend and use medical information that can affect access to and use of the health-care system. Conversely, health literacy refers

China’s troubles with the on-going coronavirus outbreak originate with its animal health policies and programs: They need to change and here is how. China is frightened and focused on the 2019 n-CoV virus, now called by the WHO “COVID-19” and by

The 2019 nCoV coronavirus has now expanded from China to over 25 countries, killing more than 900 people (10.02.2020) and infecting over 39,000 - far worse than SARS (Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome, a lethal pneumonia-like virus) seventeen years ago. Wuhan, a

In 2018 there was a small hog farm in China which was found to have the hugely contagious virus known as African Swine fever, this in the country with half the world’s pigs. Shortly after the initial outbreak the government

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