We live in times of near-universal connectivity. As a result, almost every major public health issue of global concern has followed the well-worn path of widespread expert endorsement based on the best available evidence + a high-powered advocacy spokesperson, all

Update 14 June, 8:30 pm: Just out, the communiqué from the NATO meeting in Brussels attended by President Biden. At the urging of the American President, the language is stronger than the one used by the G7 leaders that had

Momentous events are occurring in global health, with perhaps the most significant, at least the rhetorical recognition that the interface between animal-human-environmental health is at the crux of our future health. In short, One Health is now recognized by the

We are only beginning to take the full measure of the impact of human-animal-environmental relationships and what it means for our behavior and our future. The current pandemic, given the likelihood that the virus has an animal origin although a

Health illiteracy haunts the COVID-19 response in most of the Western democracies. Health illiteracy is defined as the inability to comprehend and use medical information that can affect access to and use of the health-care system. Conversely, health literacy refers

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