Six Apps for a Sustainable Lifestyle

To maintain a healthy lifestyle we should always put sustainability first. Why? Because if our society doesn’t become more sustainable, how long our supposedly healthy lifestyle could last?

Those six apps are really helpful. Try living a better, sustainable, life by looking for them in your app store or simply click on their name to find a link to download.


Joulebug can help making the right choices and live a sustainable life even if you have a busy schedule. It gives you tips, impact statistics, and challenges. You can track your daily progresses and complete challenges with simple actions including eating local, producing and saving water and electricity.

You can also share your activities with friends and communities. Social features available in the app, like local community groups and a news feed, will make helping the environment a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Joulebug can help local communities around the world to act for the environment. Living a sustainable lifestyle with Joulebug will have a positive impact on your wallet as well.

In the photo: The Joulebug App. Photo Credit: Joulebug


Oroeco helps you track your carbon footprints by using measurements and rankings. It shows how your everyday life choices can impact climate change. It also gives personalized tips to help improve and reduce emissions. The founding team of the app combines Nobel Prize winners, scientists, and tech engineers and with this kind of background you can be sure the data provided are the most accurate available.

Oroeco footprint calculator will automatically shows the climate impacts of your actions. You can also compare your actions with friends and local communities. Oroeco makes trying to fight climate change and reducing your carbon footprint a daily task.

In the photo: The Oroeco App. Photo Credit: Oroeco

Think Dirty

Think Dirty helps you finding potentially harmful ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products. It has a bar-code scanning technology  to research and compare different items while shopping . With over half a million products in its database, Think Dirty, provides ratings based on the ingredients, certifications, and potential impacts on your health of the product.

Even when not shopping, Think Dirty keeps track of what is already in your home and suggests alternatives. Labels of cosmetics can often be misleading with the use of words such as “natural” and “organic”  that seems to be thrown around just to attract costumers. Think Dirty aims to educate and help you making the right choices when looking for beauty products.

In the photo: The Think Dirty App. Photo Credit: Think Dirty


HowGood is a research organization rating food based on their social and environmental effects. Every item in their extensive database of over 200,000 products is thoroughly researched. It has points and a ranking that are based on how it is grown and processed. These, combined with data from farmers and industry experts ensures that you can find products that are matching what you are looking for.

The app is incredibly simple to use.  You can either scan the product with any smartphone camera or search by filtering based on product category. Once you find a product, HowGood will provide details on its ingredients and processing, including environmental effects. By using these data,  it will be easier to have a better control over what we eat and make sure that it is sustainable.

In the photo: The HowGood App. Photo Credit: HowGood

ResQ Club

ResQ Club aims to reduce food waste, specifically targeting food that is thrown away. Many restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores throw out about 10% of food because it is not used or expired. ResQ Club directly targets the hospitality sector by creating zero-food-waste communities and making eating sustainable.

ResQ Club alleviates this problem by providing a map of offers from restaurants with a food surplus. You can purchase the food through the app and pick it up before the last pick up time. ResQ Club provides an easy way to find environmentally friendly food while helping save the planet.

In the photo: The ResQ Club App. Photo Credit: ResQ Club

SDGs in Action

Sustainable Development Goals in Action is an app providing information about the 17 SDG’s which were unanimously adopted by world leaders at the UN summit in 2015. You can learn about each of the 17 goals through videos, key facts, and figures. There are also suggestions on how it is possible to take actions to help achieve these goals.

Additionally, SDG’s in Action provides the latest news in sustainable development. You can create or join events in your area to support the goals and meet with other people that have the same interest. Available in six different languages, SDG’s in Action is an easy way to stay up to date with modern sustainability.

In the photo: The SDG’s in Action App. Photo Credit: SDG’s in Action

In the cover photo:  Sustainable Living in Sweden. Photo Credit: Sweden Sustainable Living

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