How Your Business Can Make Progress on Racial Equity

Racial Equity Work Requires More Than Changes to Hiring

Organizations and industries attempting to reach racial equity have been focusing on increasing diversity in the workforce. Although well-intentioned, the practice is inadequate when fighting systemic racism and is merely the first step of many that are required to start seeing progress. Racial equity is when an individual’s race bears no prediction on their socioeconomic outcomes and everyone has the same opportunities for success, regardless of skin color or cultural background.

Racial Diversity

Even with a more diverse workforce, racial equity cannot be achieved without having those in society — who are most negatively impacted by racial inequality — in a position of control over the creation of practices and policies that have a direct effect on their lives. Traditional corporate hierarchies and existing management levels that are still predominantly White do not allow for this, and People of Color in the workplace are being managed without representation.

Racial equity requires a more revolutionized overturning of the policies and attitudes that reinforce differences in societal outcome based on race. Organizations should be looking into different ways to implement anti-racist policies in the workplace that advance the progression toward racial equity.

The Benefits of Racial Equity

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Preferable Racial Equity Strategies

1. Adopt corporate racial equity goals.

2. Invest in infrastructure.

3. Provide support services for people of color.

Intentional Change

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