Using Surveys to Ensure Employee Engagement and Guide Action. "Companies with a greater purpose must realize that, while purpose certainly is a draw, purpose doesn’t mean businesses can neglect other components of employee engagement, such as how the work itself gets

In 1995 a gathering was held in Beijing with 30,000 activists and 17,000 participants coming together to come to grips with the problem of gender inequality which resulted in the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action. It is widely considered

It has been established that those living in poverty will suffer disproportionately more from the adverse effects of the climate crisis than the rich, a phenomenon known as the ‘climate caste system’. How then, can poorer nations protect themselves from the damaging

Racial Equity Work Requires More Than Changes to Hiring Organizations and industries attempting to reach racial equity have been focusing on increasing diversity in the workforce. Although well-intentioned, the practice is inadequate when fighting systemic racism and is merely the first

I woke up with an email in my inbox. My stepmother had read an article on firms that have adopted “green” and innovative approaches to Finance and of course, she thought of me. In this case, the approach was planting

Slavery and global commercial routes are becoming again pressing issues. Human rights are still not respected in many countries around the world. So in this fast pacing environment we wanted to catchup with human rights lawyer Elise Groulx. We checked

We chose styles that represent the image we want to portray. We align with trends that are shaped by the people we admire. We wear labels that match our lifestyles and aspirations. Increasingly, the clothes we wear also tell a story

Some techniques applied to the for-profit world can have a major impact on not-for-profit organizations and improve their effectiveness, provided they are correctly implemented. This article is part of an editorial collaboration with BCorporation. The BCorp Series can be found here.

On 21 November 2019, the European Training Foundation (ETF) celebrated its 25th anniversary: Founded in the aftermath of the fall of the Berlin Wall, it was established to support education and training in Central and Eastern Europe. It has since

The topic of Open Science is increasingly gaining importance in all academic environments as well as at policymaking level. UNESCO has recently adopted a resolution that will bring towards the development and possible adoption by 2021 of a UNESCO Recommendation

Today we are looking at Bodossaki Foundation who is a key fund operator of grants and CSR programs in Greece. The foundation is a leading private philanthropic foundation in Greece, founded through the legacy of the successful industrialist Prodromos –

The global fashion business with its few and powerful brands dominating our aesthetics and wreaking havoc on our Mother Earth is under fire. Could it be that taking a cue from the local and slow food movement could offer a

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