A Delightful Inspiration: Photography with Mark Clinton

Mark Clinton, a Sydney-based photographer and traveler, who captures ocean, mountains, forests or beaches. His pictures reflect freedom, joy, happiness and power. In this interview, you will know, what drives Mark and what inspires him for such wonderful works.

Hi, Mark. Welcome to the interview with Impakter Magazine. Could you, please, tell us about yourself? How did you get first into photography?

M.K:  I was born in Sydney, in Australia and I was raised, heavily influenced by the ocean. As a kid, I refused going out and surfing big waves with my friends. Then I found my mom’s camera and it was a perfect excuse. That’s how my interest in photography began. For now, I am still based in Sydney; however I spend most of my time working overseas. When I am at home, nothing can stop me from exploiting the beach. I usually shoot pictures, swim, surf or just watch the ocean in awe.

MarkClintonPhoto-sydney-lifestyle-fashion-ocean-landscape-photographer-australia-2-2 PHOTO CREDIT: MARK CLINTON 

How do you describe your personal style?

M.K: Honestly, I do always struggle with describing my style. It seems too normal for me. I can, probably, say that my personal style depends on the location I am working in.

You are traveling and taking photos, what is your favorite destination in the world?

M.K: A large portion of my heart is occupied by New Zealand. As a whole, the country provides a contrast of surf, snow, hot and cold, volcanoes and glaciers. People are very friendly there and it takes me only 3 hours to fly from Sydney.


What are the top 3 places you have visited and what was special there? Or is there any special place in your wish list?

M.K: First place, which I want to visit, is Norway. I found it very clean and people there are so lovely! My second favorite destination is Lapland, in Finland. It is a polar-opposite to my home, what I originally envisioned as a winter Wonderland. The third place is for sure New Zealand, particularly Wanaka. I have spent so much time there, that it has become my second home. There everyone is driven by leisure; after-work activities like swimming, skiing, hiking, bike riding or drinking beer at the lake waterfront.

I think the secret to the perfect photo is the right combination of light, story and composition.

What is your favorite thing about traveling and photography?

M.K: My favorite thing about photography and traveling is relationships which I have built. I can say, I have been exposed to many life-changing opportunities, which all started with a simple “hello.”

MarkClintonPhoto-sydney-lifestyle-fashion-ocean-landscape-photographer-australia-9564 PHOTO CREDIT: MARK CLINTON

Can you please reveal the secrets of the perfect photography from your perspective of view?

M.K: I think the secret to the perfect photo is the right combination of light, story and composition. They play crucial roles for me and they are the most inspiring things.

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If we spoke about inspiration, could you, please, tell me, what inspires you to take wonderful photos the most?

M.K: I used to believe in all types of theories but I’ve finally decided that happiness inside me plays the biggest role.

MarkClintonPhoto-sydney-lifestyle-fashion-ocean-landscape-photographer-australia-5923 PHOTO CREDIT: MARK CLINTON

Thank you, Mark, for inspiring us! 


Featured Photo: Mark Clinton 
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