#GoodNews, A Selection of Positive Stories From Last Week

Considering recent events and much of the world under quarantine, we could all do with some more light in these dark times. Thankfully, positive news is not difficult to come by. Below, you can find a combination of stories to brighten your day. We have covered astounding government precautions taken due to COVID-19 to a resurgence of dolphins in the Potomac River.

Teamwork With Trade Deals

Taiwan and Australia are joining forces to fight the virus by establishing a much-needed trade agreement to better provide for their people. On the Monday of March 30th, the Ministry of Economic Affairs announced the trade agreement between Taiwan and Australia on their Facebook page. Australia pledged to provide Taiwan with 1 million liters of alcohol for use in over 4 million bottles of disinfectant. In return, Taiwan is offering 3 tons of fabric for use in surgical masks.

Thankfully, Taiwan and Australia are not the only countries setting a good example. Taiwan has also entered an agreement with the United States, one in which Taiwan donates 100,000 face masks to the United States per week, while the U.S. provides Taiwan 300,000 hazmat suits in return. These statements were made at the end of March, so we can safely suspect that these mutually beneficial efforts are well underway.

New Zealand in Solidarity

New Zealand is also stepping up to better provide for its people, albeit in a different way. Jacinda Ardern, the prime minister of New Zealand, stated that she and other ministers are taking a 20% cut to their pay in order to demonstrate proper leadership and solidarity with their citizens affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. This action was not made to change the government’s fiscal standing. Instead, they wish to acknowledge the hit that many of their citizens have taken during this time.

In the Photo: New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Arden. Photo Credit: Wikimedia

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Germany Raises the Bar on Solar Power

Meanwhile, Germany continues the trend of setting positive examples. From April 6th to the 13th, solar energy sources produced 23% of the country’s weekly electricity generation. This record-breaking solar energy production put Germany’s percentage for renewable energy generation above 50% for the week. Even without solar production, Germany’s renewable energy production is astounding. Only 3 of the first 15 weeks of 2020 had renewable energy production percentages below 50%.

Dolphins in the Potomac

Map of the Potomac River

In the Photo: Map of the Potomac River. Photo Credit: Karl Musser

If you are not one for foreign affairs, we might still have some news of interest to you. The Potomac River spans over 400 miles. Until recently, each mile was rife with pollution from mining and agriculture. After nearly 50 years of pollution regulation, over 1000 dolphins were seen flourishing in the Potomac River. This is 5 times greater than what the Potomac-Chesapeake Dophin Project recorded in 2015!

Keep an eye out for future posts. We have more positive news collections to come!

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