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Nestled in the narrow streets of Cincinnati, Ohio’s Over-the-Rhine (one of the largest historic neighborhoods in the United States) a movement is taking place. Not so much a movement as a change – of jeans, one leg at a time.

Fifteen years after the Zero Waste Textile initiative started in San Francisco in 2003, the city has diverted 80 percent of all waste generated in the city away from landfill disposal through source reduction, reuse, recycling and composting programs—the highest

We’re in the middle of severe climate challenges and the fashion industry has for many years nourished a buy-and-throw-away-culture, that doesn’t sustain our resources being used efficiently enough. Call it circular economy, call it closed loop, call it cradle-to-cradle—but no

Fast fashion brands use chemical additives to improve the functionality of their products. Unfortunately, the health of the wearer is the cost of this functionality. The Health Effects of Wearing Fast Fashion A study on the chemical penetration from textiles to

In Copenhagen, economic growth, sustainability and high quality of life are inextricable fruitfully and in ways that can scarcely be seen in other cities. These areas, their synergistic compatibility and the practically effortless yet effectual emphasis placed on them—by the

I woke up to the sound of horns blowing. “If you hear the sound of conch shells, stay inside. There is a storm,” Yeni told me. As I swung on my hammock, Yeni pulls out a ribbon of colorful threads

The rise of the ethical fashion movement has inspired many in the established fashion industry, both entrepreneurs and disrupters to create new products and business models aimed at improving the negative impacts created by the textile, clothing and footwear (TCF)

Claire Swift is many things: designer, innovator, educator, activist. More specifically, she is the Director of Social Responsibility at London College of Fashion where she is busy inspiring those around her and within the wider community. With the philosophy that

Sustainable fashion in Seattle has surged in recent years. With hundreds of fashion companies in the greater Seattle area, diverse quality garments and accessories have become more accessible. Companies such as Filson and Eddie Bauer have supplied classic, outdoor clothing

I founded Koskela with my partner (now husband) Russel Koskela. In 2000 we were both working for big corporations with promising careers ahead, but shared a vision to create an ethical design company. So with not much to lose and

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