4 Ideas To Keep Water Clean & Available As Seen At CES2021

This year we are bringing you the most interesting innovations from CES 2021 and today we are focusing on companies working towards SDG 6 – clean water and sanitation – and SDG 14 – life below water.

CES2021 in its new virtual format still offers the opportunity to visit boots from companies and have virtual chats with Founders and team members. Despite the pandemic, CES is still able to showcase breakthrough innovation!

In this article, we will share with you the most interesting startups that are working to provide sustainable water solutions and protecting the life below it.


Hydraloop Systems BV is a Dutch company producing certified greywater recycling systems. Hydraloop collects the water from showers, baths, and washing machines, as well as from hand basins and air conditioning. After treatment, the cleaned and disinfected water can be reused for toilet flushing, washing machine, garden, swimming pool, and cleaning purposes.

This year at CES 2021, Hydraloop is introducing the new Hydraloop H600 and the Hydraloop Cascade. Hydraloop H600 is able to treat up to 260 gallons per day, and it is designed for larger families and small businesses. While the Hydraloop Cascade is modular and provides scalable solutions for larger operations like commercial real estate, hotels, sports clubs… 


Ocean plastics are a serious threat both to the environment and humans: plastics in the sea and waterways could destroy natural marine and coastal habitats, endanger wildlife across the globe, pollute the food chain.

ClearBot is a startup from Hong Kong that has designed a simple, scalable, AI-powered, plastic collecting robotic solution to address the issue of plastics in the sea and waterways. ClearBot is designed to be simple so that several units can be built fast. It is also affordable in comparison with other similar solutions.

Its AI helps ClearBot to find and collect the plastics from the sea or the waterway and then to reach back to the designated point where plastics could be collected. Find out more about ClearBot in the video below.

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Have you ever thought about collecting rainwater and then reuse it? You might have thought about it, or you might even have collected it, but I’m sure just a few people have actually reused it for drinking, cooking, or other similar activities. Drop2Drink could change this.

Drop2Drink produces safe water from rainwater that has been harvested. The Drop2Drink unit purifies the water with microfilters, active carbon filters, membrane filters (UF), and UV units. Rainwater is then turned into 100% microbiologically safe water, free from germs and therefore safe to drink.

The plug-and-play Drop2Drink unit could be deployed anywhere: from homes and apartments to hotels and recreation accommodations; from facilities for cattle breeding or in the food industry.

drinking water from rainwater

In the picture: Drop2Drink Water Collection Technology. Photo Credit: Drop2Drink.


Exaeris Water Innovation – AcquaTap

One of the most obvious, yet more difficult ways, to obtain water is to collect the moisture from the air through high tech machines and then turn it into drinking water.

This is exactly the technology developed by Exaeris, but their AcquaTap is projected to be smaller and more efficient compared to its competitors – that are currently large machines. AcquaTap will also be portable and could be an ideal solution for several contexts: from going off-grid or facing a natural disaster the AquaTap technology will be powered either by batteries or solar power.

In the cover picture: Waves at Sea. Photo Credit: Unsplash.

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