The annual Future Policy Award, also known as “the Oscar for Best Policies,” aims to promote policies on a worldwide scale and heighten the speed of policy action. It is the “first and only award that recognizes policies for the

Rwanda’s forests used to have the same fate as woodlands elsewhere: on the skids. Between 1960 and 2000, the country’s forest areas declined by 65% while its growing population resulted in an increased demand for construction wood, firewood and grazing

Covid-19 has worsened child abuse. A simple concept of child protection implemented on the east African island of Zanzibar can give victims fast support – and could be applied anywhere. Children are at risk of being among the biggest victims of

The 2021 Future Policy Award: Protection From Hazardous Chemicals  Often described as the “Oscar on Best Policies,” the annual Future Policy Award showcases legislation and policies that create better living conditions for current and future generations. This unconventional award, organized by

Why land restoration plays a vital role in achieving sustainable development – and where it is already successful. Land restoration is the answer to land degradation. But it is an answer that will be hard to come by. Land degradation has

The consequences of our decisions and actions will have greater and longer-term consequences than ever before. There are many signs that the damage to Mother Earth is now approaching irreversible tipping points, systems are already disintegrating and degenerating, overwhelming the

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