Sustainable Products from the EMRG Conference

In the 4th and final edition of the EMRG Conference / Impakter cooperation, we will focus on startups working on sustainable products. Sustainable products are not just beautiful ideas, they are critical for the future of our planet.

Ideally, the number of companies producing sustainable products should increase every year in order to have a chance to achieve SDGs.

In the picture: Attendees at the EMRG Conference. Photo Credit: EMRG Conference.

Alta Mara

Alta Mara is a luxury, sustainable skincare line whose products are formulated through Green Chemistry while incorporating nourishing ingredients. Products will be formulated without potentially harmful ingredients, such as petroleum-derived substances, or fragrance, including essential oils: this will help Alta Mara to be inclusive of as many skin types as possible and will accommodate those working towards healthier lifestyles

As for sustainability, Alta Mara will tackle the issues of water consumption, packaging and ingredient sourcing in the skincare industry: water consumption will be kept minimal as Alta Mara will work towards developing a waterless skincare line; packaging will be made of glass to avoid further plastic pollution, a major climate change contributor; Alta Mara will develop ways to source ingredients responsibly; finally the Company will take care to not interfere with food scarcity issues when sourcing from different crops and will be conscious of natural resource depletion by using Green Chemistry to responsibly develop synthetic chemicals that will alleviate the need to take large amounts of ingredients from nature.

In the picture: Some Alta Mara Scent. Photo Credit: Alta Mara.


Leaves Plate Company

Modern society consumes millions of plastic plates, which has a huge environmental impact throughout their whole life cycle from production to disposal. Leaves plate company goal is to provide a more sustainable alternative by producing biodegradable plates made from tree leaf, to gradually reduce the negative environmental impacts of plastic plates.


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Plates made by Leaves Plate Company have a smaller carbon footprint in the manufacturing process and are biodegradable and compostable.

Leaves Plates entire manufacturing operations are based in southern Nepal and they are transforming a community by creating sustainable economic opportunity. By employing Nepalese women, Leaves Plates Company is committed to promoting gender equality and lifting rural residents out of poverty.

In the picture: An example of the Leaves Plate. Photo Credit: Leaves Plate Inc.

OWA Haircare

Hair products are made mostly of liquids. On average liquid shampoo is 80% water. OWA Haircare has developed products that start as powders. Conditioners and styling products are composed of mostly solvents, and this is another issue that has huge impact on the environment. The products from OWA come in the form of Powder and they activate as they get in contact with the water. The Hair Wash by OWA is not a dry shampoo but an interesting product built with our planet in mind.

In the picture: OWA Haircare Powder Shampoo. Photo Credit: OWA Haircare.


Snacking is a huge part of the American diet: 94% of Americans snack at least once a day, while 50% snack 2-3 times a day; increasingly, adults are replacing standard daily meals with frequent snacking. This trend is growing even faster in the millennial demographic, where 23% snacked more in 2016 than in 2015.

People are recognizing that eating unhealthy, high-calorie foods can have serious health consequences, and snacking is not immune. This rising awareness of healthy and nutritious food consumption has led to increasing popularity of organic and natural snacks, but the right snacks are just not on the market: 60% of millennials wish that there were more healthy snack options than the ones available for purchase today.

Bite aims to make it easier to snack healthy by bringing healthy snacks straight to the customers’ doors.

In the picture: Bite Snacks. Photo Credit: Bite.

In the cover picture: The EMRG Conference. Photo Credit: EMRG Conference.

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