Interesting Social good startups from EMRG Conference

In this third edition of the EMRG Conference / Impakter cooperation, we will focus on the social good startup: all those that are aiming to support and create opportunities for other people.

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Formally is a startup aiming to make immigration applications easy and accessible. Many people every year apply for asylum because they are fleeing violence and persecution based on gender, religion or political beliefs: unfortunately, the forms they have to fill out to get to safety are incredibly difficult to understand. The majority of them do not have access to a lawyer to help them with their application which makes them more likely to be sent home. For these reasons, Formally, has partnered with immigration lawyer groups and immigration justice groups, trying to reach for as many immigration applicants as possible.

For instance, one immigration form might ask: are you fluent in English? The actual meaning of this is “are you willing to give up your right to have a translator present during your court proceedings?” Formally was created to translate these tricky questions into easy to understand instructions in several languages so everybody can fill them out in the language they are most comfortable in.

Formally has three main applications: First, as a tool for individuals who do not have access or cannot afford to hire an immigration lawyer to assist their application process. Second, for lawyers whose skills could be leveraged by eliminating the time spent on filling out and explaining forms. And third, for NGOs with limited resources who could help more applicants with Formally’s software.

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OpportuniMe helps high schools and their students to find and participate in quality experiential learning, enrichment, and employment opportunities. OpportuniMe also creates new opportunities that didn’t previously exist by partnering with companies, universities, and organizations to bring them to life.

Founded by Miracle Olatunji who was frustrated with the stressful and time-consuming process of searching for meaningful opportunities as a high school student, this company also aims to make this a lot easier.


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OpporuniMe wants to allow students to explore possible careers and start finding or cultivating passions before they head off to college. These opportunities can even encourage students who weren’t considering higher education to pursue it. Furthermore, such opportunities allow students to develop a real-world perspective outside the classroom, perform better in the classroom, explore career and personal interests, and begin to build their network.

In the picture: A Group around OpportuniMe Founder. Photo Credit: OpportuniMe

Impact Labs

Impact Labs inspires and empowers ambitious computer science students to leverage their tech skills for social good by providing greater access and awareness to opportunities in the social impact space.

Impact Labs has created a suite of programs and resources that connect students to top organizations and social entrepreneurs, meaningful career opportunities, and financial capital to ignite their ideas.

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